Transformers Fall of Cybertron Autobot Jazz Review

The other day I was on the hunt for something new to review here on DoomKick, wandering the aisles of TRU and Target for most of the day I saw a few things that struck my fancy. I could have bought a new TMNT April O’Neil figure, but I’m not really sold on her look or apparent lack of articulation (compared to the other figures) so I passed on her. Then the FOC Transformers caught my eye, I am pretty excited for the upcoming FOC game and Transformers are always cool right? None of the stores I went to had any of the Decepticons, so rather than buying the tiny Optimus Prime I decided to go with Jazz here. Lets take a look at Jazz.

according to the card back: Autobot Jazz is gifted with a flair for flexible thinking and improvisation, making him the ideal special operation commander for the Autobots. Optimus Prime entrusts him with the most sensitive missions, counting on his keen mind and natural leadership to accomplish even the most dangerous objectives, no matter what.

Even though I am a fan of Transformers I don’t buy many domestic figures, the Bot designs are spotty at best and the quality is not the best a lot of times. I prefer IGear for my Transformers needs even if the price is always much higher , the quality is great and the designs are top notch. Out of the available figures Jazz looked like the best to me so I picked him up and took him home. After a spotty few seconds right out of the box (see the paint/QC section for more on that) I set out to transform him into vehicle mode, and I am happy to say it was both easy and intuitive to get him into alt mode and back to robot again. As far as his alt mode is concerned its a pretty decent Cybertronian car , but there is a lot of breaks in the design that don’t really look very good. The wheels move freely, but his legs hinder his movement a little bit, tucked up underneath like they are. His robot mode feels pretty fragile and too much movement will surely make his chest pop out form its barely there restraints, but overall his robot mode does look decent if a bit plain for my tastes. As luck would have it before I took the pictures of Jazz I got a box containing a few arms Microns from the Japanese Takara TF Prime line, and they fit into the ports and hands of jazz. They also do a lot to spice up this figure in my eyes, even if they were not meant for him.

Paint on my Jazz is pretty good, most of his body is molded in white with some blue/gray paint here and there. the paint that is there looks good with no slop or fuzzy lines anyplace so that is a plus. there is also a nice Autobot tampo on his chest/hood area that looks great. I said before that his robot mode feels cheap and in fact this figure broke right out of the box. one of the tabs on his wheel well snapped off as soon as I tried to transform him for the first time. He can still stay in alt mode without this tab but it does leave a bit of space where there should be none. It really not great that a toy breaks as soon as you take it out of the box and I fear with continued play he would break even more. Also his feet are hard to move and have pooped out of their clips several times. If you have a child who likes Transformers I would not suggest this figure for them.

Jazz comes with one accessory, his blaster pistol that fits well into his hands and can be plugged into several holes on the body of the car in alt mode. For the price of these figures combined with the cheapness of this Jazz I feel they could have thrown in a another accessory or two, but Tformers are not really known for having a ton of accessories.

Articulation on Jazz is pretty good, he’s got ball jointed hips, shoulders, and hands, hinged feet, a ball jointed head with decent movement, and ratcheted knees and elbows that hold poses very well. Jazz is pretty poseable but not as much as other Transformers I have seen from Hasbro in the past.

Overall I am not impressed with this Jazz figure, and I most likely wont be buying any more figures form this line unless they make something too cool to pass up. If you are fan of Transformers you may be interested in picking this guy up, but I cant recommend this figure to anyone but die hard Jazz fans. I would also like to give a shout out to Vault from IAT for hooking me up with the awesome Microns! Thanks buddy!


2 thoughts on “Transformers Fall of Cybertron Autobot Jazz Review

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    December 2, 2012 at 7:21 am

    Totally agree. Personally, I find the huge gap that you see under his head and into his chest to be his worst feature. I picked up the shockwave from this line though, and he is fantastic.

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      December 3, 2012 at 6:51 pm

      Shockwave looks good..I really wish there was some more Decepticons from this line


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