I had meant to get this posted over the weekend, but it was a busy one for me and I had to hustle to get my Punisher Review up in time for today. So without any further delay I want to talk about an interesting Kickstarter project. 

Phil Reed (Creator of the the amazing Battlegrip.com) has created a Kickstarter for a book detailing the various 3rd party Transformers toys. The project has gained steam quickly, and it is only $60 away from its goal after only a few days. Phil has included a ton of stretch goals for the project that will increase the size of the book and unlock some stickers among other things. I love 3rd party Transformers quite a bit, and I even have some of the new IGear mini warriors pre ordered that will be showing up here on DK soon. I have pledged some money towards this project, and so have quite a few other people. So if you love these awesome unofficial Transforming robots as much as I (and many other people) do, then head over to the official Kickstarter and pledge some of your dollars towards this great book!