Vintage TMNT Baxter Stockman


One of the earlier villains, Baxter was anything but cool in the early episodes of the animated series. He was an unsuccessful scientist who would have made for a fairly boring toy until he was finally turned into a fly in season 2.


Baxter was one of the few mutants who’s transformation had nothing to do with mutagen. His mutation occurred as a result of teleporting to Dimension X while a common fly tagged along ending with their DNA being combined and a new, insane Baxter Fly was born.


Baxter’s figure was very impressive. He had extra fly arms and nicely detailed wings in addition to his wild orange hair that carried over from his past life as a human. He also came with a great turtle swatter; a powered up fly swatter perfect for cracking turtle shells. There was even a smashed up little turtle stuck to the swatter.


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