Vintage TMNT Casey Jones


I have to admit that I knew nothing about the original Mirage TMNT comics when the animated series hit the world. I fell in love with the turtles through their original cartoon and it was years later before I came across the darker, grittier stories in those original black and white comics. Casey played a larger role in the comics after his introduction than he ever played in the original animated series. He may not have been in very many episodes but he did get a figure and even without knowing much about Casey I always thought he was one of the few real hardcore characters in the line. He just looked mean and he didn’t have to be a monster or a mutant to back himself up.


Just looking at the figure you know Casey Jones is a man you don’t want to be dealing with in a dark New York City alley. He’s one of the few human characters to receive an action figure in the line but you can rest assured he can put up as big of a fight as the everything that ever joined up with the Foot Clan.


Covered in pads and ripped up gear, Casey Jones came ready to fight. His mask, though, was his most striking feature and it made him look just as cool as the giant animals and aliens he had to take down.


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