Vintage TMNT Hot Spot


Late in the original TMNT toyline Playmates went super heavy on variants of the four turtle teens with very few original character figures being added to the mix. One new character to be introduced during this time was Hot Spot, a firefighting dalmation friend of the turtles.

Hot Spot is a little rare but he’s a cool addition to the heroes. He’s not gross and doesn’t appear mutilated like some of the more interesting mutants on either side but he is different and makes sense as a dalmation who fights fires.


To my knowledge Hot Spot never appeared in the cartoon but he seems perfect for a character who had one episode based around his introduction. Maybe he can show up in the new Nickelodeon series if he hasn’t already.


Hot Spot came with several accessories based around fighting fires as a giant mutant dog but unfortunately I picked him up in a lot that didn’t contain any of his weapons. I’ll gladly add him to my growing TMNT collection and in the future maybe I’ll run across his accessories. In the meantime he is going to put out all the fires the Foot Clan starts.


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