Vintage TMNT Mutagen Man


Mutagen Man is possibly my favorite classic TMNT figure. He’s gross, even for a TMNT character, and he’s completely unlike any other figure in a line known for unique figures.


His real name was Seymour Gutz which is a perfect name for a guy who turned out looking like this after ending up in a batch of unstable mutagen.
Mutagen Man was made up of floating guts and eyeballs inside a body that looked like a big jar with various monster body parts attached. As a kid I didn’t even need a back story to know Mutagen Man was freaking awesome.


Playmates took things even further than just making a great looking toy. They also gave you the option of filling him up with water for an even cooler look. There were originally small bits of grossness to add to the water that could float around Seymour’s guts.


Mutagen Man was created by Playmates based on a sketch for a character that would be a half ape/half insect mutant. You can clearly see the influence and that not a whole lot of the basic idea was changed from the original design.


Mutagen Man has been remade in the new Nick line and has been covered on Doom Kick, too!

There’s also plenty of other Vintage TMNT goodness right here on DK!


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