Vintage TMNT Slash


The vintage Slash figure is a favorite of mine. As a kid I loved evil versions of heroes and Slash is a perfect evil doppelganger of the Ninja Turtles. His origins are different depending on where you get your stories but my Slash is always the one from the original animated series where Slash was a pet turtle belonging to Bebop who was mutated into the evil Ninja Turtle in order to do the bidding of Bebop and Rocksteady.


Playmates really made a great looking Slash figure. They actually improved Slash’s look from the cartoon. Playmates gave him more spikes and a black bandanna instead of the metal mask he wore on the show. He really looked closer to the Archie Comics version which is a better, meaner look for Slash in my opinion.


Slash is one mean looking turtle. Playmates reused the body for Tokka later in the line and it worked pretty well for him. He’s another fun figure of an evil turtle but between the two I prefer Slash.


There were several color variations in the Slash figure between plastron and the belt. He looks great in any of the colors Playmates released so I never gave in to any hype with scarcity and value.


He was loaded down with some mean weapons that fit his rough style perfectly. He can really do some damage to anybody that gets in his way.



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