Vintage TMNT Wyrm


I know, it’s been a while since I’ve been around and it’s been even longer since I brought you guys anything other than awesome armored dinosaurs. I’m sure you guys know I really love Dino Riders but I honestly got bored collecting the line. The few things I still needed to complete my collection were really hard to find and cost an outrageous amount of money. It really just wasn’t fun anymore and that affected my desire to keep collecting Dino Riders and I lost interest in writing about them as well.  I needed a shot in the arm of something new. Dino Riders was a line I wanted as a kid but only had a small handful of toys from the line. I decided to think hard about going in a different direction and ended up with vintage TMNT. I loved Ninja Turtles as a kid and had tons of stuff back then but I had next to nothing left from the line in my current collection.  That brings us to the first of many (I hope you like vintage TMNT) Ninja Turtles toys that I’ll be covering here on DK, Wyrm!wyrm2

I never had Wyrm as a kid but I always loved him. He’s crazy even for a TMNT figure and that’s really saying something. He was a giant mutated worm/garbageman with crazy eyes and a tail for one of his legs. What’s not to love?


Playmates has always loaded TMNT figures up with a crazy amount of sculpted detail that sadly goes unpainted. I can only imagine how a figure like Wyrm would look if all those nasty details were given their own paintjob. He would look absolutely amazing.

wyrm5 wyrm6

Most vintage TMNT figures were loaded with plenty of accessories and Wyrm is no exception. Besides his belt he had several weapons and his own little army of tiny worms. I have yet to remove the worms from the plastic bonds but that’s only because I’m sure to lose them if I do. I wish there was a better way to display these little guys.

I hope you’re a huge TMNT fan because I’ve recently piled up a ton of figures and I plan to increase the Doom Kick TMNT archives just like I did with Dino Riders. Trust me, this won’t be the last weird Ninja Turtles toy you see here at Doom Kick.


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