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Running a Toy sites has its perks, sometimes generous companies will send you toys to review for free, or you will get an early chance to buy figures. I have to say this is the first time I have won a contest for a toy that I am reviewing however. I won Bog-Nar here in a Face book Contest from ManOrMonster? Studios. Having just received my Bog-Nar this morning I decided to hustle up a review in time for the end of The Power Of Grayskull Week, after all he is inspired by the old MOTU figures. So let’s take a look at Bog-Nar.

According to the bio: Doctor Telek Hollis was once a brilliant botanist and the world’s foremost expert in the field of Gamma Spectroscopy…until one day, in an attempt to engineer a gamma-radiated food crop that was resistant to time storm displacement. A freak lab accident turned Dr. Hollis into a terrifying synthesis of plant and man! Shunned by his colleagues and abandoned by his wife, the doctor fled the city ofWorin search of oblivion at the heart of a time storm…only to find his experiment had been a success. Dr. Hollis’ mutated biology was impervious to the time storms’ effects. Driven mad by his unfortunate fate. Dr. Hollis set forth on a path of terror against the city ofWor… a path that inevitably led him into the service of Dekay and a new life of evil as Bog-Nar, the mutant muck menace!


Bog-Nar is the first release from ManOrMonster? Studios in a line called Warlords of Wor and can be pre ordered right now in the WoW store. The entire line is hand cast, painted, packaged, and created by one man and the results are pretty spectacular. Clocking in at around 5.5 inches Bog-Nar resembles awesome vintage lines like, MOTU, Remco Warlords, or Galaxy Warriors, but with a unique take on those lines in the awesome building feature. Each WoW figure is made up of 11 different parts held together by magnets which allow you to mix and match parts between all of the planned figures. The magnet system has a few benefits, one it makes the toys interchangeable which is a great thing, and two it makes swapping parts and moving them around worry free. Sometimes with resin you have to be careful of part swapping as pegs can break pretty easily if you put too much torque on it, with magnets making all the connections you can swap parts easily and there is absolutely no danger of the parts breaking.  The third benefit is that with the magnet system it actually opens of the articulation quite a bit with every magnet connection become a swivel joint. Bog-Nar here is great, his sculpt is a nice call back to Swamp Thing or Man thing while still standing on his own and being nicely detailed with roots and pods growing all over him. I can’t wait to see what other kind of cool characters will come out of the planned 7 figures in wave 1 of these guys. Also of note is each of the 7 figures will come with a build a figure piece to create the 8th figure and the line’s main bad guy which is a really neat feature for an Indy line to incorporate. Each figure also comes with “Wor Bucks” which will allow you to send away for future offers form Warlords of Wor. After getting Bog-Nar in hand, playing with him, and seeing all the neat features and plans ManOrMonster? Studios has planned for the line I gotta say I am sold on Warlords of Wor  being one of the coolest and most unique independent lines to come out in quite some time.

Considering that Bog-Nar is hand made and painted the paint on my figure is great!  The paint looks mostly really clean with a couple of slight imperfections here and there, nothing more major than a little bit of outside the lines paint which really enforces the unique aspects of the line and the DIY spirit of the whole thing. Also being hand cast in resin there is an occasional air bubble on the figure, but all in all as a hand cast one man project Bog-Nar looks awesome.

Bog-Nar comes with two accessories; you get his techno clippers spear and an alternate vine claw hand attachment. A neat feature of the spear is that it has a tiny magnet in it so you can attach it to his back for storage. Bog-Nar also comes with the secret build a figure part for the 8th figure in the line, I didn’t take any pics of the BAF part so as not to spoil the surprise, but they do have me excited to see what the final figure in the wave will look like.

Like I said before the magnets lend Bog-Nar more articulation than other figures of this style. He has magnets at the shoulders, hips, ankles, wrists, waist, neck, and two magnets on his back for attaching the weapon, extra arms, or future attachments. The magnets themselves are super powerful and hold very well.

Overall I am pretty stoked on Bog-Nar and the Warlords of Wor on the whole. If you are into unique and awesome toys you would do well to keep an eye on Warlords of Wor. You can pre order Bog-Nar right now in the WoW shop. Also be sure to check out the website, face book, and twitter.


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