Way Back Wednesday: 10 Years of Morrowind

So this week marks the 10th anniversary of The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind, which for my money is the BEST game ever created. Morrowind gave you the freedom to do anything you wanted to do and is one of the best examples of the “choose your own adventure” style of Role Playing Games.

Your time in Morrowind starts out simple enough, you are a slave about to be set free on the Island continent of Morrowind home of the Dark Elves. You are given a mission to report to one of the Emperors blades in Balmora, but once they let you out into the world there is nothing that you have do and whatever you do is all up to you. So you want to be master thief and steal every single item of value from peoples houses ? Go for it! You want to be a righteous knight ad protect the innocent form evil? Sure thing bud! Or maybe you want to walk through the fields and pick flowers? Pick away! The world is your oyster and there is very little stopping you from being as good or bad or boring as you want to be.

Everything from your race (of which there are 10) and class is up to you. don’t like any of the pre made classes the folks at Bethesda have for you to choose from? Make your own and choose all your major and minor skills to make the character YOU want to play. Morrowind has many features that modern (even the current Elder Scrolls games) RPG’s don’t have, like the ability to wear multiple rings, or to wear a robe over your armor, or to get really down and dirty creating spells that could even break the game if you made them powerful enough. Today’s games and their tricky code work keep your fairly limited in your choices for fear of getting someplace you shouldn’t but not Morrowind, in this world you can even kill a god if you so desire.

For modern gamers not raised on the hits of the past the lack of hand holding could be a detriment, but for those of us well versed in games that don’t include the ability to save anywhere or arrows showing you exactly where to go next, the deep and intricate systems in Morrowind are really as good as it gets, sure the graphics don’t look photo real but I’ll take deep game play and total freedom over beautiful graphics any day.

After putting in over 900 hours into this game back in the day I still pop it in to my Xbox or boot it up on my laptop every so often and you know what? The game is still loads and loads of fun to this day. So I raise a glass of Cyrodiilic Brandy to the fine folks at Bethesda and toast to another 10 years of Morrowind. If you have never experienced the sheer joy of this game go out and download it right now!!.

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