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World class artist and great dude Chris Faccone has teamed up with his wife Shannon Chambers to drop their awesome trading card series on the world recently. Chris was nice enough to send a set over for review, and even included the variant “all ages” cards as well. Let’s take a look at Western Grim. 

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Western Grim (WG from here on out) has a great hook, and that hook is freaky characters in a western gothic type setting that is just a really solid base to work from. Chris’ art is as always top notch, and the it  looks really really good here which is good since these are trading cards and the art is front and center. Equally as cool is the little story nuggets (there’s gold in them there bios!) written by Shannon which flesh out the world quite bit and give you a decent backstory for all these characters. As absurd as some of these guys are (and I mean that in a good way) the excellent art and the fleshed out story presented on the card backs make this feel like a world you would want to spend some time in. Hopefully if we’re lucky we will see some kind of comic come out of this world (beyond the already planned multiple series of cards) that we can all sink our teeth into. There is actually two versions of the 25 card set (28 if you count the sketch card, checklist, and signature card) one is the normal set, and the other is the “all ages” set which has a few different cards in it suitable for children and those easily offended  Each set will set you back a measly fifteen bucks plus shipping, and unlike random packed cards you get the entire set in one fell swoop at WesternGrim.com…. no hunting down some rare foilholosketchcards here son! Being trading cards there isn’t a whole heck of a lot I can say about these, but the quality on them is very good. Each card feels thick (but not too thick), and super glossy so they are joy to handle and look at which is 1000% of what makes a good trading card.

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Like I said the quality on these is super, and there is no odd cuts or errors on any of the cards I got. The sets also come with a WG sticker which is also of a high quality. I had the opportunity to ask Chris and Shannon a few questions so let’s see what they have to say…

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​ #1 Tell us how western grim became a realityChambers: The first character was made as a T-Shirt design for a freelance gig Chris had. It didn’t really pan out. I liked the look and the western feel of Chris’s design so much I couldn’t let it become nothing. I encouraged him to make more.Faccone: Yeah, Shannon made me feel better about the design being rejected by saying this was meant for us. So, I drew up a couple more designs and it started to become a reality. Honestly, I thought it was some of my best work and such an original concept, (which is almost impossible to come up with these days) I was pretty bummed the people who hired me didn’t like it. Shannon was right though, it was meant for us. I was very happy she wanted to get involved with turning this into something bigger. It is always fun working on a new project but when your wife is on board as well, that makes it ten times more fun and meaningful.
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Western Grim 7#2 How did you guys come up with the characters?Chambers: We sat around thinking of all items you would have found during the Wild West and came up with characters based on those elements. Chris would draw them and we’d come up with the names and their relationships with the other characters. Then I’d right their quippy little bios for the back of the cards. Some serious research went into their names as well. If you take the time to look into them, you will learn some interesting facts about the 1800’s. There may have been a lot of listening to Loretta Lynn and drinking whiskey involved too.Faccone: Oh yeah, a lot of whiskey! Shannon came up with most of the ideas for the characters in the earlier series. I only knew so much about the Wild West when I first started this that I had to keep asking her what else to design. We had a few suggestions from our editor, Charles Marsh (MonsterForge) as well. Charles came up with the idea to do something with an out house and a vulture and I ended up using both of his ideas.  Thanks again, my dude!Western Grim 12
#3 What were some of the challenges in getting the set made.Chambers: Finding a printer that was professional.Faccone: We went through a dozen printers and it was a nightmare. First we tried to go with independent companies and highly recommended trading card printers and they would never get back to us or give us the run around. Weeks of waiting around because they would push our order back another week and then again. They would end up not ever getting back to us. A big waste of time. Then we tried contacting larger printing companies and we dealt with the exact same thing. We would place an order with some hoping for the best, but when we got the order in hand either the quality was bad or the cut was way off and they wanted more money to print them up again.

Chambers: It was always something pushing us back to the hunt.

Faccone: We didn’t want to settle on just an okay product. We worked so hard on this concept we wanted our product to have the highest quality material possible to be displayed on. We were making these not only for the public but for ourselves. We wanted a product we were proud to have in our own collection. After months of searching we finally found a company that treated us with respect and makes us a priority. We love our printer and couldn’t be happier with the quality of their work and timing. Besides finding a professional printer, money was also an issue for a little while. We sold a bunch of our collectables to get up the money to print the cards. We could have tried to get funding through Kickstarter, but we really wanted to look at our cards at the end of the day and say, “We did this all by ourselves”. I think the collectors can respect that and appreciate our cards a lot more knowing we made sacrifices to get them made.  I should also mention I suffer from Vertigo and it kicks in at the worst times. Usually when I am working on something big. When I was preparing the back of the cards I was way to dizzy to finish them. A buddy of ours, Andy Leta was nice enough to take the job and help assemble the back of the cards for us. It helped us out a lot. We waited almost a year to get these printed we couldn’t wait any longer. Thanks, Andy for helping us get these out quicker.

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#4 How many sets are planned for the futureChambers: We have six series planned and we have five series ready to go to print. Some of our best work is in the later series and we are very excited to get these cards released. We plan on releasing series two in June or July, depending on sales from series one.Faccone: I agree. I started to become way more familiar with the old west style of clothing around series three: I was able to make them even more interesting. Also, with all the research we did we ended up with some pretty cool characters. I can not wait to get them in my hand. Nothing like seeing a finished product you made, especially something similar to what you collected when you were a kid. I look at these cards at least once a day.Chambers: We are taking all the profits from series one and using it to make a larger run for series two. The goal is to get all these cards made so we can complete our own personal collection. Yes, we each have our own.Faccone: Series one is a short run and if we do decide to reprint them you will know it. We plan on changing something on each card to let you know it’s the second print besides the copyright date. It could be a color change in the clothes or a completely different gun hustler. Something will definitely be different from the first print. We want to give our supporters who bought the cards when we released them something different from everyone else as a thank you for their support and believing in us.
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#5 Let’s talk about the all ages set. What’s the difference and why?Chambers: We thought it was a good idea to make an All-Ages Edition because some of the characters are not appropriate for kids. During the old west there was a lot of “Bad-Habits” going on and we do not want to encourage young minds to think it is cool because they like the characters we made.Faccone: We also did not want to leave these adult content characters out because we knew adults would favor them the most. Telling by all the feedback we have gotten, those cards were everyones favorites. We wanted to share these with everyone. We didn’t want to deny ourselves the opportunity to see a young kid open the cards for the  first time and watch their facial expressions as their imaginations go wild like ours did when we looked at something new and original when we were their age. So we made two different versions of the Western Grim trading card sets. A Mature Collectors Edition and an All-Ages Edition. Both sets have the same core cards, but each respective set contains cards exclusive to it. In series one there are only three different cards. The checklist card and two character cards. The Mature Collectors Edition has Tekillagave and Last Rights while the All-Ages has Santa Chicle Chew Adams and Sadie Round ‘Em Up Mae. Sadie Mae is really our dog. Since she is a herding dog you would find back in the old west we thought it would be funny to make her a character for the kid’s set.





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#6 Will collectors be able to get the different all ages cards without buying a whole new set?

Faccone: Yes, but those cards will be added into an extra series in the end when we have released all of what we have planned. There will be enough All-Ages substitute cards to make their own series, so why not give them their own card number instead of reprinting up the All-Ages character cards that share the same number as their opposite card character’s in the Mature set? It will make the completest have a good time hunting down the original All-Ages Edition cards on Ebay or something. Since we can not afford to have packs made and only sell these in full sets,This way we can still offer some kind of hunt for the collector, since that is the best part of collecting.

Thank you Doom Kick for your interest in our creation and we appreciate you taking the time to give us the opportunity to share Western Grim with your readers.

Shannon Chambers & Chris Faccone
-Barbarian Brothers.





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Overall If you like the look of these cards you should head on over to WesternGrim.com and order a set for yourself, and keep an eye on the WGFB page for further releases. I’m very happy with my set, and if you like cool stuff you should be too.

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