Zolocon 2016


Now that Zolocon  2016 is in the bag let’s talk about how awesome it was! The vibe at the show was great, and it was full of great toy vendors with amazing stuff for awesome prices. Read on for the full scoop.

A LOT happened over the weekend so I’m going to break it down by time.


7am: I wake up, shower and pack up my clothes.

845am: I pick up FigureCase and we load up his stuff in the car

930am: We are stopped in traffic approaching the Mass Pike when some IDIOT who’s not paying attention viciously rear ends us. My mind is a flurry of anger as I envision all my merchandise in the back destroyed, and not making it to Zcon. Thankfully the car that hits us is tiny while our car is big. No one hurt. We make multiple phone calls trying to figure out what to do.


10am: The police let us go and we start traveling back to my house to pick up the other car we’ll be taking.

11am: Finally back on the road

1pm: Stop for lunch/stretch our legs discover Nardellis  feast on delicious grinders.


445pm: Get stuck in massive city traffic approaching the GW Bridge in NY and in NJ TPK.

630pm: Traffic finally breaks we stop wanting to kill ourselves

8pm: We arrive at hotel. They tell us our reservation is messed up. Deliver two rooms instead of the one we had reserved. Celebrate not having to share a room.


830: Arrive at the Fuge for set up. Marvel at the awesome stuff at the show already. See Weird Ohs figures.

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9pm: hit the road looking for a Target that was supposed to be down he road it wasn’t, but we do find Wawa. Feast again on delicious grinder.


11pm: Hit the sack after a long and trying day.


12am-5am Toss and turn thinking about wanting to buy Weird Ohs toys.

5am: Wake up (a full hour and a half before my alarm) head to lobby get coffee.

630am: Head over to FigureCase’s room grab prepare to leave. Check out.

7am: Arrive at the Fuge. Immediately head over to the booth that had the Weird Ohs figures. Find out they are only 6 bucks each. Buy several.



8am: Show is open to early access ticket holders.



830am: Faccone hands me AMAZING Prince Algor art he’s been drawing.


930am: Mike yells my name from atop the center of the room and points to Walter from Hammer of the Gods Customs who surprises us by showing up. Mind blown.


10am: Pick up some HOT prints from Chris Campana.




1030am-3pm: Show stuff. Selling figures at ROTU Booth. Talking to many fans. Having a great time.


330pm: Break down the table set up. Hit the road with FigureCase and Walter to find food. Discover amazing Taco restaurant. Feast on Mole Carnitas Burrito.

430pm: Drop Walter back off at the Fuge. Say our goodbyes. Hit the road.



12am: Return home after long drive. Sleep until very late monday.




So all in all Zolocon was an amazing show, and I already can’t wait for next year! I want to thank Mike Zolotorow for not only putting together such a great show, but also for hosting us at his table, Mike’s Family for helping run the whole thing, Both Chris Faccone and Chris Campana for being there doing incredible art for everyone all day, Walter Harris for surprising us, and FigureCase (find him on IG @Figurecase) for making the trek with me.Also I’d like to thank Mark Mcdermott for providing some of the pics you see here, and for selling me those Weird Ohs figures at a great price! Zolocon was great! TEWOJ Fans I’ll be doing the remainder sale from icon sometime next week… Keep an eye on the TEWOJ Page or DK page for updates, and be sure to check below to see ALL the pics from the show.

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