The lights swirled into view as Boshak regained consciousness . A rapping on his chamber door had pulled him out of the astral planes, and back to his room atop the Dark Citadel. Making his way to the door the Slime was annoyed “Who dares disturb my meditations? I left explicit Instructions to not be bothered” he snarled as the door opened to reveal the cowering form of Jelgon, his most loyal servant who stammered a bit before answering “s..s..sorry Master I told the Baron you was in here learning all that Magic stuff, but he said it was of the umtoast importance to summon you” . Boshak was disgusted at the idiocy of his minion “It’s utmost importance you simpering fool” he spat at Jelgon before adding “tell the Baron I’ll be on my way with haste” as he slammed the door in Jelgon’s face.

Boshak took his villainous form before leaving the room, and as he walked down the halls of the Citadel he ruminated on his situation. Twelve years they’d been here…twelve years since the inhabitants of Slime City had declared him a criminal …twelve years since he and his minions had to hide away. The Baron had been a good host, and the two of them had created a lot of evil in the years they’d been together. Boshak had learned a great deal of magic from Dracktholme’s Psychromagi since arriving at the Citadel.

Things had been great until about a year ago when the Baron’s long lost love had managed to communicate through the powerful spells imprisoning her inside the North, and as she laid her plans out over time Boshak came to distrust her. Jalldoon was to be his and the Baron’s, not this Witch’s who suddenly appeared and gained complete control of Dracktholme’s mind. Lost in thought as he made his way to the observatory he barely noticed the scattering Shocktroopers running around preparing for something. As he entered the observatory he was greeted by Baron Dracktholme “Ahh Master Boshak thank you for joining us. I hate to interrupt your studies, but the Covenant of Crowns has called an emergency meeting which I must attend. Something is happening, and I thought you’d like to accompany me to keep an eye on what those simpering Slimes are up to these days” his metallic voice reverberated through the speaker on his helmet as he gestured towards a chair which Boshak pulled aside as he sat. A smile crossed the evil Slime’s face ” Of course my liege,any excuse to spy on our enemies is welcome” Boshak said twirling a hydro spanner in his fingers absentmindedly.

As the two lords of evil discussed their plan for the meeting a crackle of light sparked in the Magic Mirror Dracktholme had acquired from some foolish mage. Dracktholme perked up as he waved his hand over the mirror “My Love, what is it?” He asked as the shadowed form of the Witch herself appeared on the mirror’s face “Baron, I have found a way to send one of my devoted servants out from this place into the wider world, and you must attend to him” the Evil witch hissed. Dracktholme looked at Boshak “Dearest love, I’ve been called to an emergency Covenant meeting, and as you know if I do not attend it will make great trouble for me as well as arousing suspicions… if you’ve found a way out love why not use it yourself? Then we may finally be together once again” he asked the shimmering form in the mirror. The Magic Mirror flickered a bit as the Witch answered “The crack I’ve discovered in the magic barrier locking us here is only big enough for one to pass through, and as soon as we use it the gods will know and immediately shut it up tight. I have promised my servants of the Kung-Los Empire freedom from this place, and plenty of blood to satisfy their lust for war. No,I must stay until all my soldiers can cross over with me, but I’m sending Captain Kandross, their leader and my most trusted of minions to help you acquire the items needed to free me from this place.” She said before adding ” Attend your meeting as we need your connections with the Covenant for our future plans my love. This crack will deposit Kandross in the Vallorian Jungle…send one of your minions to retrieve him.” With this the mirror flashed back to its normal reflective surface. The Baron turned towards Boshak ” send your most capable servant to the Jungle to retrieve this Captain Kandross, and make sure you stress how important he is to us” he said as he flicked his wrist calling over the two Shocktroopers standing at the door “Accompany Master Boshak, and do whatever he asks of you” with this he waived the Slime and Shocktroopers away. Boshak hated the Witch, she had ensnared the Baron’s mind with the singular vision of reuniting with his love, but her evil was strong and would likely help with taking over the planet even if it meant sharing the spoils of war.

As he made his way down to the dungeons flanked by the two Shocktroopers he silently practiced spells in his head, a trick he had learned that not only helped expand his ever-growing arsenal of Magic but also relaxed him. As he opened the gate to the dungeons he saw General Skale looking quite pleased torturing some hapless villager. Boshak let him continue for a moment before speaking “Ah General,how does the day find you my friend?” Skale looked up as he put his flail down “The day finds me rather well Master, and what may this humble Slime do for his lord on this fine day?” He asked walking away from the villager who assuredly enjoyed the respite from the pain inflicted on him by the evil Slime. Boshak clapped his hand on Skale’s back as he spoke ” That Witch who holds the Baron’s heart is sending one of her soldiers through a crack in the magic barrier locking them in the north, but Dracktholme and I must attend a Covenant meeting on Crown Isle. I need you to take these Shocktroopers and two Doom Buggies to retrieve him from the Vallorian Jungle.” With this the Skull adorning Skale’s body twisted into a horrific grin “Anything for you Master” the Slime said before turning back towards the villager, and with a wicked crack of his flail ended the poor soul’s suffering once and for all. As Boshak made his way to his room to prepare for the journey to Crown Isle he was unsure what this new servant of the Witch would bring, but he was sure at the very least it would mean trouble for the bleeding heart heroes he so despised.
Continued in Evil finds a way part 2….

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