Continued from Part 1
The portal crackled around him as Kandross stepped out of the hole in the solid rock he had been magically pushed through, and as the portal closed behind him he knew the “Gods” were watching. Let them watch he thought, they wouldn’t be able to stop him…no one could except this damn Planet.

They’d been trapped here for over a hundred standard years. Stuck in the pyramid they had made their new home. For a long time the Kung-Los army had no idea where they were or why…until she had shown up. The Witch just appeared one day, and after an altercation with a few of the soldiers it became apparent that her powers were immense. After speaking with her she enlightened them to their situation and shared her goal of breaking out of the Asylum the Gods had stuck them in. Kandross had pledged the allegiance of the entire Kung-Los army to his new Queen. Now she was on the verge of accomplishing their goals. Her minions on the Planet were close to acquiring the items needed to smash the magic barriers keeping them penned in.

Kandross had been lost in thought until the snapping of branches brought him back to reality, and as the docile Brontopotamus appeared Kandross felt the rumble of his stomach. After a good meal he was covered in the blood of his feast so a bath was in order. As he removed his armor he could feel the hot sun on his milky almost translucent skin, and it felt good. He submerged himself in the river flowing nearby which left a trail of blood floating downstream in his wake. As he exited the water he lounged on a rock letting the sun warm and dry him. This Planet wasn’t so bad he thought, and it was certainly better than the cold emptiness of space the Kung-Los had become accustomed to in their generations-long war against the Kahnians, only landing on planets to strike at their enemies bases and cities. If his Queen was correct, this world would crumple under the might of his soldiers with ease…once they were freed that is.

Finally dry, Kandross put his armor back on, picked up his weapons, and started making his way out of the Jungle. Before long he heard the sound of engines moving towards him, and not knowing what to expect he concealed himself behind a tree as two strange four-wheeled vehicles came into view, and as they passed he recognized the armor of the Shocktroopers his Queen had so often spoken of. Kandross called out to them with the phrase the Witch had taught him “Hail Dracktholme!” His bellow caused them to stop and reverse back to where he was standing. The Slime perched on the back of the lead vehicle looked him up and down “You Kandross?” the skull-faced Slime asked him. Kandross was familiar with Slimes due to the Witch and her tales of Jalldoon, and he knew a faction of them were in league with Baron Dracktholme so he wasn’t terribly surprised to have a Slime be in his welcome party. Kandross replied to the Slime ” That I am, and I assume you work for Baron Dracktholme then?” He asked keeping his grip on his weapons just in case. The Slime hopped off the back of the vehicle and extended a hand like portion of his body “I work for Master Boshak, but yes we are in league with the Baron. I’m General Skale, and we’ve been sent to retrieve you Captain” he said as Kandross shook his hand. Skale looked at Kandross and then the Doom Buggies “well looks like you may be a bit too big to fit in one of these so I’m not sure how we can get you back to the Citadel quickly” he said scratching his head. Kandross smiled showing his wicked rows of teeth “no fear there I’ve got it under control” he said as his tail flipped up hitting a button on his back that fired the thrusters of his jet pack leaving him floating a few feet above the ground. With Kandross flying behind they made their way back towards the Dark Citadel.
Continued in Evil finds a way part 3

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