Continued from part 2

Boshak’s thoughts were far away as the clouds of Jalldoon flew by the porthole of Dracktholme’s Sky Yacht. As he absentmindedly clinked the ice in his empty glass the Shocktrooper assigned to the bar cart rushed over and refilled the glass with chilled Glowberry Brandy. Taking a long sip, the Slime winced at the crackle of static coming from the loudspeaker as the captain made his announcement “Prepare for landing at Crown Isle” the static resumed before the channel was closed.

Dracktholme approached Boshak’s seat ” Ok, let’s go over this once more….even with my position if I’m caught harboring a known criminal I’ll be jailed… So what are you to do?” The Baron asked swishing his cape over his shoulder. Boshak’s face furrowed ” we’ve gone over it a dozen times, but if it will calm your worries…. I take the form of a jewel and affix myself to your amulet, I watch and listen, and I don’t do anything else until we’re safely back in the air again. Could you please relax a bit? I know the stakes here” the Slime said with obvious annoyance in his voice.

After landing they were brought by servants to the Compound of High Imperator Ondska where they would be staying for the next three days. Most of the royals in attendance would have suites on site, but the Imperator’s estate took up nearly half of the western quadrant of the large island. High walls met at a large gate emblazoned with the Ondska Empire’s seal. As the large metal gates swung open the Imperator and his entourage awaited them, and Boshak admired his long blood red robes, and while he was an old man he looked strong enough still to hold his own in battle. As the Imperator hugged his nephew he quickly ushered the entire party inside the estate. At the doors of his mansion he turned towards the crowd of people, and with a simple “leave us” the entourage dispersed leaving the Baron and his Shocktrooper guards alone with Ondska.

“My boy, it’s good to see you…” the Imperator paused and looked around before speaking again” …the cultists you have asked me to let pass through Imperial lands have all but taken over the Kingdom of Balmonway as planned, and the next phase of the Ondska Empire’s take over of Jalldoon is ready to begin” the smile that crept over Ondska’s face was one of pure evil as the small group entered the ornate mansion .

As they made their way through the lavishly decorated hallways Boshak listened as the Imperator droned on about border disputes and running the largest empire on Jalldoon, but he chuckled to himself at the thought of old man’s death and replacement by The Baron if their plans went through. Yes the old fool thought the Baron was helping the Empire, but in reality he was playing his own evil game. Leaving the two Shocktroopers stationed on either side of the door, the Baron entered the room his uncle had provided, and after washing up he snacked from a bowl of fruit provided by the servants. It had been a long day, and the Baron would need his energy for the sure to be long and drawn out Covenant meeting in the morning. As the Baron snored Boshak practiced his spells in his head while he himself drifted off to sleep.
Continued in Evil finds a way part 4

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