Contuinued from part 3

The trail of steam billowing behind the Doom Buggies and the faint wisps of energy dissipating slowly from Kandross‘ jet pack formed a strange sight as the gang of villains crossed the Inari Grasslands. As they crested a large hill they saw below them a quaint farm bustling with the usual activity of any number of farms dotting the Grasslands. General Skale shouted “halt!” as the Shocktoopers controlling the Doom Buggies activated the braking systems with a loud hiss. Skale turned to Kandross with a grin” Let’s give you a proper welcome to the Baron’s forces my friend” as he said this he signaled the two Doom Buggies forward.

Barreling down the hill the Shocktroopers fired laser blasts setting the barn and nearby stacks of hay ablaze as the family of farmers scattered in every direction. Skale cackled with delight as he took the form of one of his blood legionnaire Shocktroopers “ Take the strong destroy the weak” he yelled as he chased a farmer down before stunning him with a blow to the back of his head.

Kandross looked around at the death and carnage surrounding him, and smiled. These creatures shared the Kung-Los ethics and their reveling in destruction. If this was how Baron Dracktholme conducted himself then his queen had chosen the perfect lover. Lost in thought he was snapped out of it by a farmer charging him with a simple wooden rake. Kandross chuckled to himself as he whipped around with his large club like tail which he wrapped around the farmer’s waist and used it to toss the boy against the barn. As Kandross stepped towards him the boy threw his hands up in defense, but Captain Kandross felt no mercy as he ran the boy through with his sword before licking the blood off the tip with a smile that showed his rows of razor sharp teeth.

As the group left the farm with three new slaves for the Shocktrooper pens being dragged behind in nets Kandross flew up next to General Skale “My friend, I think I’m going to like this place. If everyone is as brutal as you then the Kung-Los empire has found a worthy home until we can return to the stars” as he said this Skale’s skull adorned face lit up “Yes Captian, if brutality is your currency then you will find yourself rich here in the service of Dracktholme” the evil Slime exclaimed.

After a short time they saw the spire of the Dark Citidel in the distance. General Skale radioed ahead letting the Shocktrooper wardens know they had new recruits for the Program. Kandross looked up at the black tower with awe, and he was almost shaking with anticipation of his queen breaking the spells holding her in the Northern Asylum and crushing Jalldoon under her foot. All that would have to wait, for now there was much work to be done.
Continued in Evil Finds a Way part 5….

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