Lore: The Search for Algor Chapter 1:


It was a beautiful day in the Emerald Caverns, but a dark cloud hung over the entire Slime Kingdom. No one had seen Prince Algor or Toron in months, and King Valdar had sent scouts across the entire planet looking for the two. Most of the scouts had made it back with no leads to the whereabouts of the Prince, however one scout had an interesting story to tell. While searching the vast graveyard on the edge of Barrwood Forest this scout had stopped at a crossroads tavern to rest. While he enjoyed a warm meal and some ale he overheard two hunters talking about some kind of commotion deep in Barrwood. He bought the men a few drinks and asked what happened. They told him there had been a monster attack near a Grogglin village, and the Grogglins had a gravely injured Slime they were nursing back to health.

As soon as possible the scout had secured a carriage back to the Royal Castle to inform the King. Upon hearing the story King Valdar assembled a party to venture into the Forrest. As the group was preparing to leave Princess Ikari arrived ready to go, but Valdar ,fearing any more harm befall his family did not want the Princess to accompany him. Princess Ikari being more than capable of fending for herself assured her father that not only would she certainly be going with them, but also she would not rest until they had found her brother.
Barrwood Forrest is a deep and dark place that is fairly treacherous ground to travel, but the party had made good progress into the forrest without incident until they came upon a wild Crystal Cat. This cat must have been very very old because its hard crystalline amber skin had moss growing on it giving the already stealthy creature even more advantage blending in to his surroundings. As they made their way along the barely visible path the cat leaped out of the growth and took down the King’s two royal guardsmen before anyone even knew what happened. Princess Ikari took her heroic from, and the King became a mighty sword.Together they charged the beast at full force. Ikari got a good blow in on the cat’s shoulder, and it yelped in pain while retreating into the wood. The King took his normal form, but Ikari fearful of another attack kept her larger heroic form. Together they absorbed the two fallen guards mournfully and said the funeral prayer as is the Slime way. They traveled further down the path until they found a small clearing off to the side where they made camp for the night.They rested under the soft light of a large Glowberry bush listening to all the strange sounds of the forrest at night as the sound of many Crystal Cats growling could be hard from many directions. After spending a sleepless night in the dark they set off down the path again at first light. According to the information the hunters had given the scout they should reach the Grogglin village by the afternoon.

Continued in Part 2


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