Lore: The Search for Algor Chapter 2:

Continued from Part 1

The sun beat down through the canopy of trees covering Barrwood forest as Princess Ikari and King Valdar made their way towards the Grogglin village. The moss covered stone walls of the village stood tall and high to prevent Crystal Cats from entering, and as the two Slimes approached the gates they were stopped by a trio of Grogglin guards. “halt outsiders. what be your business here?” asked biggest of the three guards. King Valdar inched in front of Ikari to protect her in case of attack before he answered “ I am King Valdar of the Slime Kingdom, and we have been told you are holding one of my people in this village… we have come to reclaim them”.

The three guards conferred with each other for a moment before turning to the King “yes, our healer has been tending to one of your kind for weeks now, but he has yet to wake from his deep sleep. Follow us and we shall bring you before the chief” as the Grogglin guard said this he motioned for the Slimes to follow him beyond the gates. The Grogglin village was made up of about a dozen huts surrounding a large bonfire the Grogglins kept burning day and night, and a large stone building at the center of the circle. As they made their way through the village they were greeted by strange looks and Grogglin mothers scooting their children inside the huts. The guards ushered them into the large building where they saw the chief sitting atop a throne made of stones with various animal skulls adorning it. “ahhh friend Slimes we welcome you to our village, and I assume you are here about the Slime we found unconscious in the woods?” The chief asked. “yes great chief we are searching for my son and his traveling companion who have not been seen in quite some time” King Valdar spoke regally and respectfully to the Grogglin chief. “take these Slimes to the healers hut immediately” The Chief said to one of the guards who had led them into the hut. When they reached the healer’s hut they were surprised to find Toron lying on a bed looking to be in very bad condition. the healer turned from his potions and bubbling cauldron to address them “ We found him in the wood barely clinging to life, and I have done all I can for his wounds now we can only hope he is strong enough to get out of the fog he is in” Ikari fought back tears seeing her friend in this shape before replying “Toron is a tough old Slime…He’ll make it he just has to. King Valdar looked very serious as he asked the question that had been nipping at his brain since they got to the village “was there any sign of another Slime with him?” The healer shook his head “ he is the only one we found, and the woods have been plagued of late with many dark creatures that seem immune to any of our weapons or spells”. As the three of them talked about what could be done for Toron there was a loud horn sounding outside. “the creatures have returned!” the healer yelled out.

Ikari in her heroic form rushed outside just in time to see thick black smoke pouring over the walls of the village. After getting over the wall the smoke took the form of a black gooey evil looking creatures (having never encountered creatures like this none of them knew they were actually underworld demons who’s only goal in life is to cause suffering) that started attacking the villagers.Their pointed ears and long spindly limbs dripped black sludge, and their pointed teeth turned up in a hideous smile reaching almost to their large deep black eyes gave them a terrifying appearance that would shake even the bravest of warriors. Ikari sprang to action, and with the King taking the form of a spear started fighting the creatures off. The magic of Slimes is far more powerful than the Grogglin’s weapons or basic spells, and soon the demons left alive were fleeing into the woods. Anything the creatures had touched was scorched by the black goo that dripped off them, and the village was in shambles. The Chief stepped forward and explained that the creatures had been attacking nearly every day for weeks, and none knew where they had come from so suddenly. By the time the village had been cleaned up and the wounded were tended to it was nearly dark. “Please my friends stay with us tonight for the forest is a dangerous place to travel alone” The Chief graciously offered the two Slimes. Later in the darkest hours of the night the Slimes were awakened by the Healer who seemed to be in a very big hurry “My friends, your companion is awake and asking to see you” Ikari and Valdar rushed to the Healer’s hut to find Toron awake and alert “your Highness I have failed you immensely” Toron said looking down at the ground. “Old friend in a thousand years I would never lose faith in you, but please I must know what has happened to my son?” King Valdar asked. Toron told them how he and Algor had been traveling through the forest on one of their adventures until one night they had seen a glow emanating from a clearing deep in the woods where most travelers never go. As they went to investigate a clutch of the black creatures had appeared almost out of nowhere and as they fought them off Algor was dragged through a portal that had closed behind him. Where this portal lead to Toron had no idea, but he knew they would need a powerful seer to scry the whereabouts of the Prince from the Ether.

Continued in Part 3…


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