Lore: The Search for Algor Chapter 3:


Continued from Part 2 ...

Prince Algor awoke covered in some kind of ooze. Last he remembered he had been traveling Barrwood Forest with Toron when they were besieged by a pack of dark creatures that had pulled him into some kind of portal. The ooze crept over his body, and he could feel the evil force behind it trying to bend his mind to its will. As he struggled in the mire a hand pulled the Prince from the swamp.

Shaking the sludge off his body Algor got a look at his savior with shock, but it wasn’t so much the being’s fearsome skull face that disturbed Algor as it was the evil power emanating from his body. “Greetings traveler I am the Acromancer lord of these lands, and who might you be?” he asked his voice dripping with malice “ I am Prince Algor of the Slime Kingdom. Where on Jalldoon are we? I don’t recognize this place.” The Prince replied to the evil wizard. “Jalldoon? I know not of this place…You are in the Underworld my Realm, and you came crashing down into my Stygian Swamp unexpectedly just now” The Acromancer exclaimed.

Prince Algor knew he needed to get home as soon as possible,but the Acromancer claimed the only item able to transport him back to his world would be the Helmet of Hades he himself was in control of, but he would not be able to help the Prince unless the “evil” plaguing his land was defeated once and for all. Algor knew the dark wizard was the evil one, but he had to get home somehow so the two struck a deal. Woe to the heroes of the Underworld when they come up against the Acromancer’s newest henchman in battle.

Continued in Part 4


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