Lore: The Search for Algor Chapter 4:

Continued from Part 3

Toron looked over the village that had changed so much in the two days since he had woken from his coma. King Valdar had sent for a legion of the Royal Slime Army that was right now making camp in the woods just outside the Grogglin village. The King had also requested help from the “big people’s” (read Humans and any non-slime sized humanoids) city of Karnok, and Emperor Pullo had sent some of his best Mages, Wizards, Seers, and a party of adventurers to aid the Slime King in searching for his son.

Toron still ached all over, and the images of the mass of demonic creatures sweeping over him and Algor in the woods played through his brain continuously.

As he sat lost in thought worrying about his friend he was approached by one of the adventurers, a human named Leera that Algor and Toron had met several times over the course of their adventures. “Hey Tor, how you doing buddy?” She asked as she handed him a flagon of Grogglin ale “Feeling a bit better Leer, but I’m worried about Algor, it’s been weeks with no word or sign of him. He got sucked into the portal, and I don’t know if we’ll ever see him again” Toron replied glumly as he sipped from his flagon and felt the sting of the high alcohol content of Grogglin ale burning his insides as his body slowly turned the color of the drink. “look we’re all worried about Al, but he’s a tough little slime who’s been through a lot more dangerous situations than this since I’ve known you guys” she said with a pause before continuing “he’s got to be ok..he’s just got to be” the tone of her voice betrayed her feeling for the young Slime“ You know Algor is pretty enamored with you don’t you Leera?” he asked placing his hand on her shoulder. Leera blushed “is he really? I didn’t think Slimes found humans very attractive” she replied. Toron furrowed his brow as he responded “most of us don’t no offense, but you people are too solid for us to find pleasing to the eye. Algor however has never been much of a normal Slime anyway, and its hard for him to find a Slime that interests him that will approve of his adventurous spirit”. Leera’s eyes welled up “ You know Tor, ever since we raided that tomb a few years ago I find myself thinking about him all the time, but I never thought he could be interested in ME…I mean what does a human adventurer have to offer the heir to the Slime throne?” she asked fighting back tears. Before Toron could respond a Gatonian (the cat people of Jalldoon) thief named Grarapproached “ Leera, it’s time to head into the woods to hunt down that portal, get your weapons ready and lets go” Grar said with a twitch of his ears he nodded at Toron and walked off to grab some arrows from the makeshift armory that had been set up in the middle of the Grogglin village his tail swinging leisurely behind him. Leera got up and hugged Toron without saying another word, and he could see her quietly compose herself as she unsheathed her sword and walked towards the rest of the adventurers waiting for her.

Toron sat lost in thought worried about his long time friend for a few minutes before Princess Ikari approached “Toron, my father would like to see you in the healer’s hut” She said as Toron got up and headed with her to the hut. As they entered the hut the smell of incense assaulted Toron’s nose, and he could see the various magics being cast to find where Algor had been taken. One mage chanted a soft spell over the remains of one of the demons, a wizard in the corner was lost in a trance traveling the astral highways inquiring about Algor’s whereabouts, and a seer was peering into a bowl of water trying to scry the location of the prince. You could feel the crackle of magic in the air, and it was so thick you could practically wave your hand through the magical fog. King Valdar turned from the tome he was reading and addressed Toron “ Old friend, how are you feeling?” the King asked ”much better your highness…still a bit sore, but I’ll make it” Toron replied. The King smiled “good my friend I’m glad to have you back, but I must ask a favor of you” he said grimly “anything Sire” Toron replied with no hesitation wondering what the King could need. Valdar turned serious “ We have come close to discovering Algor’s location, but there is a very powerful spell surrounding him…its almost like someone doesn’t want us to find him” anger flowed through Toron “it must be Boshak and Baron Draktholm doing this!” he yelled. “No my friend the spell surrounding Algor is strong and much different than anything we have seen before from those two fiends. We need the help of a stronger magic, and I need you to travel to the tower of Mehrunes where the mages say a powerful witch resides. Take half the legion and whatever else you need…give her whatever she wants to help us break this evil barrier” The King said. “your highness traveling with half a legion of soldiers will only draw attention to us, and perhaps make this witch think we are attacking her why not let me take the freelance adventurers with me? A smaller party will make better time anyway” Toron pleaded with the King. King Valdar responded immediately“ahh my friend you are wise..far wiser than I. Once they return from the woods assemble whatever team you wish and set out for the tower as soon as possible” Toron nodded and left the hut to prepare provisions and horses for traveling.

Later that day Toron and the party of adventurers loaded down with supplies and treasures left the village starting the long trek to the fabled tower of Mehrunes located at the center of the desert of Morose. It would be a long and dangerous trip, but if they could help bring Algor back they wouldn’t rest until they had achieved their goal.

continued in Part 5


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