Lore: The search For Algor: Part 7

Continued from Part 6

Prince Algor looked around the battlefield… He had been traveling with Hercules and Kry-Sis for weeks now, and the trio had become great friends during that time. Earlier today they had stumbled on a mass of Archfiends and Swamp Drones on the edges of the Stygian Swamps. The battle had been long as they cut through swaths of evil doers, but they had once again won the day for the side of good. They set up camp away from the scene of the battle, and they joked with each other as a goose roasted over the open fire.

Hercules seemed to think he had slaughtered more of skeletons than the rest, and obviously,Kry-Sis and Algor thought they had destroyed more of the fiends. They laughed, ate, and drank mead until the fire died down and they all drifted off to sleep. As Algor fell into a deep sleep he saw the old witch’s face in his dreams again, but this time as her calls grew louder and louder Algor felt himself floating in a strange vortex. As he spun in space he got the distinct sensation of being propelled at great speeds, and the next thing he knew he was awake and flying through the air towards a tree. Algor was suddenly surrounded by his friends and family from Jalldoon, but he scarcely had time to smile before he heard a great commotion from the nearby woods.
Master Boshak, Delgon, and General Skale flanked by Shock Troopers from the Dark Citadel rushed from the cover of trees and set upon the small band gathered around Algor. Princess Ikari took her heroic form as King Valdar and Toron formed a sword and shield respectively as the adventurers drew their weapons. Good and evil clashed in the small clearing, and soon Algor and Boshak had locked weapons, but just as Algor was about to get the upper hand a Shock Trooper had lost his balance in a tussle with Montirk and fell into the princes back knocking him down. Boshak wasted no time in burying his axe in Algor’s arm, but a quick kick from the prince pushed him back a step. The Shock Troopers had almost all been eliminated as the evil Slimes made their retreat clearly outmatched by the large group of seasoned adventurers, but no one noticed Boshak snatch up the small piece of Algor he had sliced out in their clash as they made off through the woods in a rush.
Algor panted as the composed themselves after the battle, and for the first time had a second to realize he was in fact home. “Father! Toron! Ikari! Leera!” Algor exclaimed cheerily as he holstered his sword “How on Jalldoon did you bring me here?”. Toron looked uneasily at Leera “Well Al, it’s a long story, but…” he was cut off by the old witch as she stepped out of the shadows “They traded me the pretty one’s body in exchange for my magic to bring you home young Slime” the witch said as she pointed at Leera. “What?…No!” Algor shouted as he moved between Leera and the witch. Leera looked at him lovingly “ It’s ok Algor we have a year to find a replacement, and it was worth it to bring you home” she said as she hugged Algor. The witch stepped forward “now if we’re done with pleasantries I will start the spell to switch bodies.” she croaked. As she started chanting a faint glow came over the clearing, and motes of magic floated through the air. Everyone stood in silence as the chanting grew louder and louder until… thewitch’ss head rolled onto the ground cleanly separated from her body by Algor’s sword as the magic personification of her spirit floated into the sky like a wisp of smoke.
Everyone was looking at Algor in shock. Had he really just lopped the witch’s head off like that? No one said anything for a moment until Algor spoke “ What? She was trying to take Leera’s body..and you were just going to let that witch do it?” he asked them as they continued their stunned silence “The days of evil flourishing on Jalldoon are over” he said “I’ve just come from a land lorded over by evil, and I won’t watch my home fall to the same fate” As he said this he walked away as Toron and King Valdar looked at each other warily. Later that day as their caravan stopped on the way back to Slime City Toron pulled the king aside “Sire, it would seem not all the evil was wiped out of Algor before he was brought back to us” The king frowned as he thought about this “My friend, I am not so sure if it is evil influencing his actions or just fatigue from the trip. We must watch him closely in the coming weeks.” he said to Toron as the readied to get back on the road. As the sun set on another Jalldoon day King Valdar’s head was heavy with thoughts of his son, but at least he was finally home. No matter what the future brought at least the Prince didn’t share the fate of his mother.



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