Continued from Part 4

The three days of Covenant meeting passed by rather quickly with the majority voting to extend The control of the Ondska Empire into Balmonway, but the minority had voted vehemently against the extension of power granted to the Imperator. The Warrior Queen of Balmonway herself made an impassioned speech against turning control of her lands to Ondska that had brought the opponents of the motion to a loud rumble of agreement. Votes as always were final however, and after the delegates had settled down the meeting of the Covenant was over.

On the way out Imperator Ondska, and Baron Dracktholme were stopped by Emperor Pullo, and King Valdar who looked angry. Emperor Pullo poked his finger into the Baron’s chest “We know you two are up to something, and we won’t stand for it. Just because you have power doesn’t mean you can just take over another’s lands.” The Emperor said with scorn dripping from his words as he turned and left. Dracktholme chuckled to himself as he replied under his breath “ We’ll see how tough you are when you’re in irons Pullo” as the Imperator’s entourage left the hall.

After saying his goodbyes the Baron entered his Sky Yacht, and as it took off Master Boshak left the form of the amulet. After a few days stuck in that cramped position Boshak went right to his villainous full body form as he turned to his conspirator “ Those do gooder fools know you’re plotting Dracktholme, we need to do something” his words dripping with scorn. The mechanical echo of the Baron’s laugh sounded especially loud in the confined luxury quarters of the yacht as he spoke “ Fear not my friend, my love has a plan that will ens….” Boshak cut the Baron off mid sentence “Yes Baron, as you continually say…however if I KNEW this plan maybe I could be of better service to our goals” he said with obvious annoyance at being kept in the dark about what that forsaken witch had planned. Dracktholme placed his hand on the slime’s shoulder “My love prefers to be the only one with full knowledge of her plan. She wants no chance of the forces of good…or even worse, the Gods themselves knowing what she’s up to” Boshak hated to admit it, but the Witch’s logic couldn’t be faulted. Spies lingered in many corners of Jalldoon, and if anyone caught wind of the Baron helping a prisoner of The Northern Asylum they’d all be locked up beyond the mountains. Sighing Boshak replied “Fine, but I will need to know something at some point if we are to succeed at conquering this Planet” with this he left the cabin to get some fresh air on the decks.

As the clouds floated by Boshak fumed, his plans were being overtaken by this Witch and the Baron’s love for her. Damn her to an eternity in the Asylum, but inhis heart he knew she’d get out eventually…you can’t hold ambition like that down for long, and with her advanced magics it was an inevitability that plans would come to fruition. As the Slime was lost in thought he saw the spire of the Dark Citadel sticking out of the landscape of the Inari Grasslands as he heard he crackle of the speakers “prepare for landing” the voice said with another crackle as the speaker cut out. Boshak composed himself and headed back into the cabin for landing. He’d need Skale to bring him up to speed on this new ally in the war on Jalldoon as soon as possible, and as he sat down he  and practiced his spells in his head he tried to think of a way to outwit this Witch throwing a kink into his plans.

Continued in Part 6..

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