The sun was shining above Hawkstorm Keep as Algor and Ziggy lounged on the grass just outside the gates. Algor munched on a ripe bunch of Glowberries, as Ziggy sloppily lapped up a bucket filled with table scraps from the kitchens. It had been a much needed lazy afternoon for the young Prince.

Algor in his Slime form was soaking up the sun, and enjoying the relaxation. The Slime Elder Magi had taught the Prince a chant that would help calm the darkness infecting him “Zar da la lantus”, and as he said it over and over he could almost feel the evil power within contracting itself. It felt good to have some control over the force infecting him, and soon the Magi would have a way to remove it…hopefully. Drifting off in the early afternoon sun Algor was startled alert by the footsteps of Sir Vandi the Slime Knight.

Sir Vandi stood over Algor as he spoke “My liege, Sir Toron has detected a strange object on the scanners. It entered our atmosphere from the space surrounding Jalldoon, and crashed on the edge of Frogmire. He’d like us to check it out”. Algor frowned “Vandi, how many times do we need to tell you…titles like Sir and Liege aren’t necessary we’re normal Slimes just like you, but tell Tor I’ll go check it out myself. I could use a ride” he said taking his heroic form. Sir Vandi looked concerned “My liege…Prince, I don’t know if going alone is advisable” as he said this he laid his hand on Algor’s shoulder. Algor chuckled “Vandi, didn’t that incident with the Skelton’s teach you that I could hold my own in a fight? I’ll be fine…plus I’ll have Ziggy with me” as he patted his old Slug friend on the head. The Slime Knight knew better than to argue with the Prince once he had an idea in his head so he acquiesced, and as Algor rode off on Ziggy he hoped letting his friend go alone was a wise choice.

On the edge of Frogmire Marsh, the Prince found what appeared to be a small meteor faintly glowing in a crater left behind on its impact. Algor poked the round rock with the tip of his sword and was answered by a hollow sounding clink. While he debated what to do with this rock he gave it nudge with his foot, but this time he was answered by a mechanical sounding voice “hey! Watch it buddy!” As the meteor lifted out of the hole. Levitating near eye level with Algor a line of blue light went around the center as the rock split in two revealing a small round ball made of metal. Two more blue lights opened up on the front of this ball as it again spoke, “Keep kicking me like that and we’re going to have a problem pal”. Algor shook his head to make sure he wasn’t seeing things “Sorry my friend, I didn’t know you were a….what are you exactly?” he asked the floating ball. The circular lights on the face of the ball narrowed as it bobbed up and down” I am the personal assistant of Jah Dume God of Information himself, sent on important business with the inhabitants of Hawkstorm Keep. Please do not impede my progress or face the wrath of the Gods.” it said starting to float towards the road back to Hawkstorm. Algor called out “Well you’re in luck then sir, I am Prince Algor, and the Keep is my home currently” which stopped the ball dead in its tracks. Spinning around the lights on the face of the ball grew wide with surprise “ THE Prince Algor??” it asked sounding excited before adding “ You are just the one I am looking for! you must come with me quickly… my master is in trouble!” as it floated back towards Algor. The Prince tried to reason with the ball “I would be glad to help you friend, but let us return to Hawkstorm and gather my allies so we can all help” he said gesturing in the direction of his base. The ball shook itself back and forth “There is no time! We must go now… he needs us!” With this a hatch on the back of the ball flopped open as package slipped out onto the ground.

The ball bobbed up and down excitedly as it spoke again “put this suit on…you’ll need it to survive on the trip to Dumestroid” as it bobbed towards the package on the ground. Algor wanted to get his friends, but the allure of adventure got the better of him as he opened the box and started slipping the white bodysuit over his feet. After the bodysuit he secured the gloves, boots, and armor. All that was left was a large disc that the ball used some kind of beam to lift over his head. Once all the pieces were on the ball used its beam to hit a button on the chest piece as a large clear dome extended from the disc enclosing Algor’s head inside the helmet. After securing himself in the suit Algor looked around “now what?” He asked the ball hovering before him. The lights on the ball pointed upwards “now…we go home” it said as it enveloped Algor in a green beam and shot upwards with massive force.

Flying through Space was a strange sensation for Algor, but the ball was communicating somehow inside the beam as they sped through the sky “ You see Prince, my Master disappeared from the Dumestroid two days ago, and I can’t reach him through any means of communication…I fear the worst may have happened” the concern in its voice seemed rather genuine for a mechanical contraption. Algor though for a moment before responding “Who or what could be any trouble to a GOD?” He asked the ball. Swerving to avoid a cluster of space debris the ball corrected course before replying “ My Master has been troubled of late by a growing darkness on Jalldoon. A darkness he fears is brought by an evil force hellbent on escaping the Northern Asylum as that is where it has originated. He went to investigate, and never returned.” As the ball spoke Algor could see a large comet spinning before them getting closer and closer….

Continued in Part 2…

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