It was a beautiful day in the Emerald Caverns, but a dark cloud hung over the entire Slime Kingdom. No one had seen Prince Algor or Toron in months, King Valdar had sent scouts across the entire planet looking for the two. Most of the scouts had made it back with no leads to the whereabouts of the Prince, however one scout had an interesting story to tell. While searching the vast graveyard on the edge of Barrwood Forrest this scout had stopped at a crossroads tavern to rest. While he enjoyed a warm meal and some ale he overheard two hunters talking about some kind of commotion deep in Barrwood. He bought the men a few drinks and asked what happened. They told him there had been a monster attack near a Grogglin village, and the Grogglins had a gravely injured Slime they were nursing back to health. As soon as possible the scout had secured a carriage back to the Royal Castle to inform the King. Upon hearing the story King Valdar assembled a party to venture into the Forrest. As the group was preparing to leave Princess Ikari arrived ready to go, but Valdar,fearing any more harm befall his family did not want the Princess to accompany him. Princess Ikari being more than capable of fending for herself assured her father that not only would she certainly be going with them, but also she would not rest until they had found her brother. 

Barrwood Forrest is a deep and dark place that is fairly treacherous ground to travel, but the party had made good progress into the Forrest without incident until they came upon a wild Crystal Cat. This cat must have survived for ages because its hard crystalline amber skin had moss growing on it giving the already stealthy creature even more advantage blending in to his surroundings. As they made their way along the barely visible path the cat leapt out of the growth and took down the King’s two royal guardsmen before anyone even knew what happened. Princess Ikari took her heroic from as the King became a mighty sword. Together they charged the beast at full force. Ikari got a good blow in on the cat’s shoulder, and it yelped in pain while retreating into the wood. The King took his normal form, but Ikari fearful of another attack stayed in her larger heroic form. Together they absorbed the two fallen guards mournfully and said the funeral prayer as is the Slime way. They traveled further down the path until they found a small clearing off to the side where they made camp for the night.They rested under the soft light of a large Glowberry bush, listening to all the strange sounds of the forrest at night as the symphony of many Crystal cats growling could be hard from all directions. After spending a sleepless night in the dark they set off down the path again at first light. According to the information the hunters had given the scout they should reach the Grogglin village by the afternoon.


The sun beat down through the canopy of trees covering Barrwood forest as Princess Ikari and King Valdar made their way towards the Grogglin village. The moss covered stone walls of the village stood tall and high to prevent Crystal Cats from entering, and as the two Slimes approached the gates they were stopped by a trio of Grogglin guards. “Halt outsiders. What be your business here?”asked biggest of the three guards. King Valdar inched in front of Ikari to protect her in case of attack before he answered “ I am King Valdar of the Slime Kingdom, and we have been told you are holding one of my people in this village… we have come to reclaim them”. The three guards conferred with each other for a moment before turning to the King “yes, our healer has been tending to one of your kind for weeks now, but he has yet to wake from his deep sleep. Follow us and we shall bring you before the chief.” As the Grogglin guard said this he motioned for the Slimes to follow him beyond the gates. The Grogglin village was made up of about a dozen huts  surrounding a large bonfire the Grogglins kept burning day and night, and a large stone building sat at the center of the circle. As they made their way through the village they were greeted by strange looks and Grogglin mothers scooting their children inside the huts. The guards ushered them into the large building where they saw the chief sitting atop a throne made of stones with various animal skulls adorning it. “Ahhh friend Slimes, we  welcome you to our village. I assume you are here about the Slime we found unconscious in the woods?” The chief asked. “Yes, great chief we are searching for my son and his traveling companion who have not been seen in quite some time” King Valdar spoke regally and respectfully to the Grogglin chief. “Take these Slimes to the healers hut immediately” The Chief said to one of the guards who had led them into the hut. When they reached the healer’s hut they were surprised to find Toron lying on a bed looking to be in very bad condition. The healer turned from his potions and bubbling cauldron to address them “ We found him in the wood barely clinging to life, and I have done all I can for his wounds. Now we can only hope he is strong enough to get out of the fog he is in.” Ikari fought back tears seeing her friend in this shape before replying “Toron is a tough old Slime…He’ll make it he just has to.” 


King Valdar looked very serious as he asked the question that had been nipping at his brain since they got to the village “was there any sign of another Slime with him?” The healer shook his head “ He is the only one we found, and the woods have been plagued of late with many dark creatures that seem immune to any of our weapons or spells”. As the three of them talked about what could be done for Toron there was a loud horn sounding outside. “The creatures have returned!” the healer yelled out. Ikari in her heroic form rushed outside just in time to see thick black smoke pouring over the walls of the village. After getting over the wall the smoke took the form of a black gooey evil looking creatures (having never encountered creatures like this none of them knew they were actually underworld demons who’s only goal in life is to cause suffering) that started attacking the villagers.Their pointed ears and long spindly limbs dripped black sludge, and their sharp teeth turned up in a hideous smile reaching almost to their large deep black eyes gave them a terrifying appearance that would shake even the bravest of warriors. Ikari sprang to action and wielding her father in the form of a spear, started fighting the creatures off. The magic of Slimes is far more powerful than the Grogglin’s weapons or basic spells, and soon the demons left alive were fleeing into the woods. Anything the creatures had touched was scorched by the black goo that dripped off them, and the village was in shambles. The Chief stepped forward and explained that the creatures had been attacking nearly every day for weeks, and none knew where they had come from so suddenly. 

By the time the village had been cleaned up and the wounded were tended to it was nearly dark. “Please my friends stay with us tonight for the forest is a dangerous place to travel alone” The Chief graciously offered the two Slimes. Later in the darkest hours of the night the Slimes were awakened by the Healer who seemed to be in a very big hurry “My friends, your companion is awake and asking to see you”. Ikari and Valdar rushed to the Healer’s hut to find Toron awake and alert “Your Highness I have failed you immensely” Toron said looking down at the ground. “Old friend, in a thousand years I would never lose faith in you, but please I must know what has happened to my son?” King Valdar begged. Toron told them how he and Algor had been traveling through the forest on one of their adventures until one night they had witnessed a glow emanating from a clearing deep in the woods where most travelers never venture. As they went to investigate a clutch of the black creatures had appeared almost out of nowhere and as they fought them off Algor was dragged through a portal that had closed behind him. Where this portal lead to Toron had no idea, but he knew they would need a powerful seer to scry the whereabouts of the Prince from the Ether.

Prince Algor awoke covered in some kind of ooze. Last he remembered he had been traveling Barrwood Forest with Toron when they were besieged by a pack of dark creatures that had pulled him into some kind of portal. The ooze crept over his body, and he could feel the evil force behind it trying to bend his mind to its will. As he struggled in the mire, a hand pulled the Prince from the swamp. Shaking the sludge off his body Algor got a look at his savior with shock, but it wasn’t so much the being’s fearsome skull face that disturbed Algor as it was the evil power emanating from his body. “Greetings traveller I am the Acromancer, lord of these lands, and who might you be?” he asked his voice dripping with malice “ I am Prince Algor of the Slime Kingdom. Where on Jalldoon are we? I don’t recognize this place.” The Prince replied to the evil wizard. “Jalldoon? I know not of this place…You are in the Underworld my Realm, and you came crashing down into my Stygian Swamp unexpectedly just now” The Acromancer exclaimed. Prince Algor knew he needed to get home as soon as possible,but the Acromancer claimed the only item able to transport him back to his world would be the Helmet of Hades he  himself was in control of, but he would not be able to help the Prince unless the “evil” plaguing his land was defeated once and for all. Algor knew the dark wizard had to be the evil one, but he needed to get home somehow so the two struck a deal.


Weeks passed with skirmish after skirmish. One day after a long battle Algor wiped the blood from his blade as he looked around. Preytus was reveling in the destruction of the  village, but Algor felt wrong…like he shouldn’t be doing this,and there was someplace he needed to be. Every time he thought too hard he’d hear the Acromancer’s voice booming in his head and see his skeletal face in his minds eye while his head went all foggy so he didn’t think much. He had been traveling with Preytus for weeks from town to town converting villagers to Archfiends to add to the dark army of the Acromancer and killing any who got in their way. As they “cleaned up” the remaining resistance of the village the ghostly image of the Acromancer himself appeared in the sky “Bring the Archfiends to the Stygian Swamp at once Preytus” his booming voice carried over the fog covered fields making him seem all the more godlike to Algor. As the projection faded Algor and Preytus gathered up the legion of Archfiends they had turned and headed down the road towards the swamps, as they walked Preytus continued instructing Algor in the spells required to slip into invisibility for stealthily entering places where he would otherwise be unwelcome “After you chant the incantation the rune will glow, and as long as it is on your person you will remain undetectable until you…” Preytus’ evil voice trailed off as he looked to the north. Farther on the horizon Algor could make out two shapes coming towards them on horses rather quickly. “Algor, we must get these fiends to the swamps without delay lest we face the Acromancer’s wrath. I will take them to the South pass while you stop these pests from slowing our progress” Preytus hissed as he marshaled the army of fearsome Archfiend warriors to follow him. Algor gripped his sword tightly as he braced himself to attack these travelers, but little did he know that Preytus’ quick retreat was based on fear of fighting Both the mighty Hercules, and the fearsome undead Warrior Kry-Sis at the same time.

Toron looked over the village that had changed so much in the two days since he had woken from his coma. King Valdar had sent for a legion of the Royal Slime Army that was right now making camp in the woods just outside the Grogglin village. The King also requested help from the “big people’s” City of Karnok, and Emperor Pullo had sent some of his best Mages, Wizards, Seers, and a party of adventurers to aid the Slime King in searching for his son. Toron still ached all over, and the images of the mass of demonic creatures sweeping over him and Algor in the woods played through his brain continuously.

As he sat lost in thought worrying about his friend, he was approached by one of the adventurers, a human named Leera that Algor and Toron had met many times over the course of their adventures. “Hey Tor, how you doing buddy?” She asked as she handed him a flagon of Grogglin ale “Feeling a bit better Leer, but I’m worried about Algor, it’s been weeks with no word or sign of him. He got sucked into the portal, and I don’t know if we’ll ever see him again” Toron replied glumly as he sipped from his flagon and felt the sting of the high alcohol content Grogglin ale burning his insides as his body slowly turned the color of the drink. “look we’re all worried about Al, but he’s a tough slime who’s been through a lot more dangerous situations than this since I’ve known you guys” she said with a pause before continuing “he’s got to be ok..he’s just got to be” the tone of her voice betrayed her feelings for the young Slime“ You know Algor is pretty enamored with you don’t you Leera?” He asked placing his hand on her shoulder. Leera blushed “is he really? I didn’t think Slimes found humans very attractive” she replied. Toron furrowed his brow as he responded “most of us don’t, no offense, but you people are too solid for us to find pleasing to the eye. Algor however has never been much of a normal Slime anyway, and its hard to find a Slime that interests him that will approve of his adventurous spirit”. Leera’s eyes welled up “ You know Tor, ever since we raided that tomb a few months ago I find myself thinking about him all the time, but I never thought he could be interested in ME…I mean what does a human adventurer have to offer the heir to the Slime throne?” She asked  fighting back tears. Before Toron could respond a Gatonian thief named Grar approached “ Leera, time to head into the woods to hunt down that portal. Get your weapons ready and lets go” Grar said with a twitch of his ears he nodded at Toron and walked off to grab some arrows from the makeshift armory that had been set up in the middle of the Grogglin village, his tail swinging leisurely behind him. Leera got up and hugged Toron without saying another word, and he could see her quietly compose herself as she unsheathed her sword and walked towards the rest of the adventurers waiting for her. 

Toron sat lost in thought worried about his long time friend for a few minutes before Princess Ikari approached “Toron, my father would like to see you in the healer’s hut” She said as Toron got up and headed with her to the hut. As they entered the hut the smell of incense assaulted Toron’s nose, and he could see the various magics being cast to find where Algor had been taken. One mage chanted a soft spell over the remains of one of the demons, a wizard in the corner was lost in a trance traveling the astral highways inquiring about Algor’s whereabouts , and a seer was peering into a bowl of water trying to scry the location of the prince. King Valdar turned from the tome he was reading and addressed Toron “ Old friend, how are you feeling?” the King asked. ”Much better your highness…still a bit sore, but I’ll make it” Toron replied. The King smiled “good my friend I’m glad to have you back, but I must ask a favor of you” he said grimly. “Anything Sire” Toron replied with no hesitation wondering what the King could need. Valdar turned serious “ We have come close to discovering Algor’s location, but there is a very powerful spell surrounding him…its almost like someone doesn’t want us to find him” anger flowed through Toron “It must be Boshak and Baron Dracktholme doing this!” he yelled. “No my friend, the spell surrounding Algor is strong and far different from anything we have seen before from those two fiends. We need the help of a stronger magic, and I need you to travel to the tower of Mehrunes where the mages say a powerful witch resides. Take half the legion and whatever else you need…give her whatever she wants to help us break this evil barrier” The King said. “Your highness, traveling with half a legion of soldiers will only draw attention to us, and perhaps make this witch think we are attacking her. Why not let me take the freelance adventurers along? A smaller party will make better time anyway” Toron pleaded with his old friend. King Valdar responded immediately“ahh my friend you are wise…far wiser than I. Once they return from the woods assemble whatever team you wish and set out for the tower as soon as possible” Toron nodded and left the hut to prepare provisions and horses for traveling. Later that day Toron and the party of adventurers loaded down with supplies and treasures left the village starting the long trek to the fabled tower of Mehrunes located at the center of the desert of Morose. It would be a long and dangerous trip, but if they could help bring Algor back they wouldn’t rest until they had achieved their goal.

As the horses thundered closer, Algor could see the two riders split up to pass by him and catch up to the army of Archfiends, but Algor wasn’t about to let two lone riders escape his clutches. As they passed Algor shot a blast of slime in both directions trapping both horses in a mass of the goo. The riders jumped from their mounts as the bearded one spoke “ Looks like we got ourselves a feisty one here Kry, up for a tussle?” he said to his companion as he drew his Sword. “ha ha this strange purple fellow will pay for his evil ways Hercules, and will rue the day he crossed blades with Kry-Sis” the green skinned man laughed as he clanged his long axe against his shield. Algor realized he was in the presence of the two greatest enemies of the Acromancer, and as he readied his attack he yelled “ I will deliver your heads to my master, who will reward me handsomely”. As he leapt in the air Algor clashed blades with Hercules as Kry-Sis crept behind him, but Algor shot a glob of slime into Kry-Sis’ face temporarily blinding the all powerful warrior. As he pushed Hercules back with his sword Algor spun to finish Kry-Sis off before he could remove the slime from his face, but he was not fully prepared for how fast Hercules was and a swift blow to his head knocked him out cold. Everything went black, and in the blackness Algor could see his sister and Toron calling his name. He tried to call out to them, but the image of the Acromancer’s face kept screaming spells that Algor couldn’t understand drowning his words out. Suddenly an old witch’s face appeared in his view, and with an odd comforting chant the image of the Acromancer faded from his view as the witch started to speak to him “Algor, take my hand and return home” She said as her withered gnarled old hand reached out. As Algor reached out to grab her hand he was suddenly awoken with a hefty slap to his face.

As the stars cleared from his view and the image of his family and the witch faded he could see Hercules standing above him “Ok knave, tell us what the Acromancer is planning or be run through!” The warrior bellowed, and as he tried to sit up Algor could feel the ropes   binding him as he started to speak “Hercules, I’ll tell you everything. I was a prisoner of the Acromancer, he had a dark control of my mind I promise you… if you could just untie me please” Algor hoped the heroes would believe his story. Kry-Sis laughed as he spoke “Do you believe us to be fools boy? Do you think you are the first of the Acromancer’s lackeys to let us believe he was under the control of spells while committing atrocities?” As he said this he gave Algor a jab with his axe. “ That coward Acromancer has possessed many in his evil quest my friend, let us hear what the boy has to say before we condemn him” Hercules exclaimed warmly as he bent down and pulled Algor into a sitting position. Algor told them all about how he was from a planet called Jalldoon, how he was the prince of the Slime Kingdom, and how he and Toron had encountered the strange portal in the woods swarming with demons which had brought him to the Stygian Swamps where the Acromancer had promised to help him get home in exchange for his help, but once he agreed he was put under a spell that clouded his mind and controlled his actions until the vision of the witch had expelled the Acromancer from his head. He told them of the witch telling him to take her hand, and as the enormity of his situation coupled with the horrors he had inflicted since under the control of the Acromancer hit him all at once he wept.

Hercules pulled his knife from its sheath, and as he started to cut Algor free Kry-Sis spoke up “Do you really think that’s wise Herc? He could be lying to us”. Hercules waved Kry-Sis’ complaints away “This boy is clearly sincere my friend…I know good when I see it, and Algor here is true”. As he started to cut the ropes Algor chimed in “No need for that Hercules!” he said as he took his normal Slime form…a form he had not taken since he had arrived in these lands as the Acromancer’s spell had prevented him from changing shape. “See Kry?” Hercules asked “he could have gotten out of those binds at any time yet he chose to let us keep him until we believed his story”. Algor flexed his body, it felt good to not have to hold his heroic form anymore as keeping a shape put a lot of strain on a Slime’s body. As night fell the three heroes made camp on the side of the road, and as the fire cast flickering shadows on his face Algor wanted more than anything to be home, but he knew he must stay here and atone for the horrible things he had done. As he listened to Hercules telling the tale of his encounter with the Namean Lion, Algor drifted off to sleep feeling at least happy to be out from the Acromancer’s control.

Meanwhile back on Jalldoon, Toron and his party after four days travel had finally reached the edge of the Desert of Morose. The party consisted of Toron, Princess Ikari, Leera the Human Warrior, Grar a Gatonian Thief, Hepzibar a Reptalos Mage, and Montirk a Dwarvinian Paladin. The group stood in the shade provided by the trees of the Vallorian Jungle getting ready to start their journey over the border the desert. They were talking among themselves about what had been a fairly uneventful trip to the desert when they heard a small squeaky “Hi!”…they looked around to see a small young Slime standing before them. “I’m Goopy, pleased to meet you!” the little Slime said. Toron smiled at the young Slime “Hello there i’m Toron,and these are my…” Toron was cut off by the Slime’s excited talking “Toron? THE Toron? Does that mean Prince Algor is here too?” his joyous face at the thought of Algor made Toron sad “No my little friend…Algor is missing. We are searching for a way to find him now, and that is why we are traveling into the desert” The little Slime’s face dropped into a frown “Missing? Missing? Who could stop Prince Algor? He can’t be beaten!” Asked Goopy. Toron thought for a moment what to say, and finally   decided on “Well young one that is what we aim to find out in the desert” Goopy looked  distressed “no no no the desert is an awful place,most people that go in never come out. Is there any other way?” he said. Toron and the others explained the situation, and even though he feared for them Goopy told them to hold on for moment. After a few minutes the young Slime returned with a sack of provisions “These are from my father Dirty, and myself,anything I can do to help Algor is my pleasure” he said as he handed the bag to Toron. As the party put the food and beverages into their packs Toron looked down at Goopy “ Thank you my friend it is much appreciated, and send our thanks to your father as well” Goopy laughed “he’s a big old grump anyway so that won’t do much, but good luck on your quest to find the Prince”. They said their goodbyes to Goopy and started their trek through the desert, and after about a half days march in the sweltering heat they could see the giant Tower of Mehrunes in the distance. 

They would be at the tower sometime tomorrow afternoon, and since the sun was setting they made camp for the evening. After setting up camp they sat by the fire talking about what they would find in the tower because according to legend the tower had been sucked from another realm ages ago,and the powerful magic locked inside had made the witch residing there one of the more powerful magicians on Jalldoon. The entire party had a night of fitful dreams filled with an old woman’s face laughing at them, and when they awoke the next day with the sun they packed up their camp and started out towards the dark tower sticking out of the yellow sands like a sore thumb.

As they approached the tower they noticed an abundance of bones all around it, and an air of dread filled their hearts as the wind started whooshing around them. Through the howling wind and spinning sand they heard a clanking sound getting louder and louder. Toron looked around through the clouds of sand, and he could see hundreds of skeletons  encircling them “SKELETONS!” he yelled to his companions as they readied their weapons. The horde of skeletons rushed in, but Skeletons make for easy foes as they fall apart with even a slight impact to their old bones much less the might of seasoned heroes. The problem with these skeletons was that they just kept coming, and after a few minutes   slaying them they just stopped and stood still as the wind died down. A great voiced boomed out from seemingly everywhere at once “Who dares enter my lands?” The voice asked. The party stood in silence until Grar nudged Toron forward “We come in search of your magical expertise madame, if you’d just let us inside i’m sure our rewards will be pleasing to you” He yelled loudly not quite knowing how she was hearing him. Beyond the slight clack of bone on bone from the skeletons standing there it was silent for an uncomfortable amount of time, but finally the voice boomed again “Very well…come inside” as the door to the ancient tower creaked open. 

Inside there was shelf upon shelf of books and all manner of odd things. A crab looking creature mounted on wood hung on the wall, there was a plate of something that looked like sweet rolls on the table, and on one surface was a blue potted plant that was emitting a faint hum. As the party took this all in the old witch made her way down the steps into the room, and Princess Ikari gasped audibly at the grotesque figure of the witch. The hag wore tattered robes, and greasy strands of white hair hung down over her weathered face. One of her eyes was glowing with a green light, but her other eye was jet black, and she walked with a gnarled stick as she limped her way down the stairs. The witch spoke “Now what is it you need that is important enough to venture to my domain?” she asked the group. Leera responded before anyone else could “We search for our friend that has been taken through a portal… we were told only your magic could find him oh great witch” at Leera’s words the old woman’s face curled up into a smile…it was hideous “You LOVE this missing friend I can tell. Would you do anything it takes to get him back my dear?” She croaked. Leera didn’t even think about it “Name your price” she said. 


The witch’s smile widened making her look even more terrifying somehow as she chuckled “My services are NOT for sale child…however this body is old, and I shall surely die soon. I will do as you ask in exchange for your young body girl” Toron jumped up “No Leera, Algor wouldn’t want you to sacrifice yourself to save him…there has to be another way” he yelled. Leera looked at him “Toron, if the best mages and seers say they can’t what else can we do? Jalldoon needs Algor, and I’m not going to let my friend stay lost if I can help it” she sighed as she looked at the witch “How do we do this hag?” she spat. The witch laughed softly “My pretty, it is a fairly simple exchange…I retrieve your lost friend, and we switch bodies through my spells. You get your friend back and spend your few short years with him while I get to be young again in your lovely body.” She said her smile widening. “There must be another way?” Toron asked the witch “I’m afraid there is not Slime, but since I am in giving mood today I will allow you one year to find someone who will voluntarily give their body to me…as long as the body is in such fine shape as this one” the witch pointed at Leera as she said this. Leera barely took a second before she said “Sounds fair let’s get Algor back…now” forcefully directing the words at the old witch. At this the witch snapped her fingers and the whole party was standing in front of the Portal just outside the Grogglin village. Princess Ikari ran to get the King, and as everyone gathered around the witch started chanting and appeared to be in a trance. As she chanted faster she spoke “I’ve found him…he is deep within the underworld in the power of a wizard of great strength.” her chanting was almost gibberish at this point it was flowing from her mouth so fast until she stopped “the connection was broken by an unknown power, but your friend is free of the control of the wizard who had enslaved him which will make pulling him back all the easier” she said. She started chanting again this time louder and faster for a long few minutes until the portal started glowing. As the portal’s glow brightened and started swirling in a cyclone Algor was shot out of the portal with great force. As they ran to Algor’s side a great commotion came from the woods as Master Boshak, General Skale, and Delgon rushed out of the trees with about a dozen of Baron Dracktholme’s Shocktroopers in tow.

Prince Algor looked around the battlefield. He had been traveling with Hercules and Kry-Sis for weeks now, and the trio had become great friends during that time. Earlier they had stumbled upon a mass of Archfiends and Swamp Drones on the edges of the Stygian Swamps. The battle had been long as they cut through swaths of evil doers, but they had once again won the day for the side of good. They set up camp away from the scene of the battle ,and they joked with each other as a goose roasted over the open fire. Hercules seemed to think he had slaughtered more of skeletons than the rest, and obviously Kry-Sis and Algor thought they had destroyed more of the fiends. They laughed, ate, and drank mead until the fire died down and they all drifted off to sleep. As Algor fell into a deep sleep he saw the old witch’s face in his dreams again, but this time as her calls grew louder and louder Algor felt himself floating in a strange vortex. As he spun in space he got the distinct sensation of being propelled at great speeds, and the next thing he knew he was awake and flying through air towards a tree. Algor was suddenly surrounded by his friends and family from Jalldoon, but he scarcely had time to smile before he heard a great commotion from the nearby woods. Master Boshak, Delgon, and General Skale flanked by Shocktroopers from the Dark Citadel  rushed from the cover of trees and set upon the small band gathered around Algor. Princess Ikari took her heroic form as King Valdar and Toron formed a sword and shield  respectively as the adventurers drew their weapons. Good and evil clashed in the small clearing, and soon Algor and Boshak had locked weapons, but just as Algor was about to get the upper hand, a Shock Trooper who had lost his balance in a tussle with Montirk fell into the prince’s back knocking him down. Boshak wasted no time in burying his axe in Algor’s arm, but a quick kick from the prince pushed him back a step. The Shocktroopers had almost all been eliminated as the evil Slimes made their retreat clearly outmatched by the large group of seasoned adventurers, but no one noticed Boshak snatch up the small piece of Algor he had sliced out in their clash as they made off through the woods in a rush.


Algor panted as the group composed themselves after the battle, and for the first time had a second to realize he was in fact home. “Father! Toron! Ikari! Leera!” Algor exclaimed cheerily as he holstered his sword “How on Jalldoon did you bring me here?” Toron looked uneasily at Leera “Well Al, it’s a long story, but…” he was cut off by the old witch as she stepped out of the shadows “They traded me the pretty one’s body in exchange for my magic to bring you home young Slime” the witch said as she pointed at Leera. “What?…No!” Algor shouted as he moved between Leera and the witch. Leera looked at him lovingly “ It’s ok Algor we have a year to find a replacement, and it was worth it to bring you home” she said as she hugged Algor. The witch stepped forward “now if we’re done with pleasantries I will start the spell to switch bodies.” She croaked. As she started chanting a faint glow came over the clearing, and motes of magic floated through the air. Everyone stood in silence as the changing grew louder and louder until… the witch’s head rolled onto the ground cleanly separated from her body by Algor’s sword as the magic personification of her spirit floated into the sky like a wisp of smoke.

Everyone was looking at Algor in shock. Had he really just lopped the witch’s head off like that? No one said anything for a moment until Algor spoke “ What? She was trying to take Leera’s body,and you were just going to let that witch do it?” he asked them as they continued their stunned silence “The days of evil flourishing on Jalldoon are over” he said “I’ve just come from a land lorded over by evil, and I won’t watch my home fall to the same fate” As he said this he walked away as Toron and King Valdar looked at each other warily. Later that day as their caravan stopped on the way back to Slime City Toron pulled the king aside “Sire, it would seem not all the evil was wiped out of Algor before he was brought back to us” The king frowned as he thought about this “My friend, I am not so sure if it is evil influencing his actions or just fatigue from the trip. We must watch him closely in the coming weeks.” He said to Toron as they readied to get back on the road. As the sun set on another Jalldoon day, King Valdar’s head was heavy with thoughts of his son, but at least he was finally home. No matter what the future brought, at least the Prince didn’t share the fate of his mother.

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