Continued from Part 5

Kandross winced at the crackle of static emanating from the speakers as landing announcements were made. There was Shocktrooopers running every which way preparing for the return of the their master. General Skale nudged his new friend “This will be Master Boshak and the Baron then, back from Crown Isle” the Slime said with a wink. The loading ramp of the Sky Yacht hissed open,and Kandross saw his masters love for the first time “That’s Baron Dracktholme? I expected someone less imposing from the way she speaks of him “ he said under his breath to nobody in particular as he marveled at Dracktholme’s armor.

The Baron made his way to Kandross and shook his hand “You must be Kandross? My love has spoken at length about your skills and brutality, my friend you are truly welcome here in my court” he said waving his arms over the assembled Shocktroopers. Boshak had made his way off the yacht with a nod towards Kandross, but he headed directly for General Skale and after hushed words, the two Slimes made their way out of the room. Kandross sensed anger from Boshak, but thought little of it as the Baron ushered them up to his private quarters. After closing the door he turned to Kandross with excitement in his voice “Please tell me all about my love. How is she holding up out there? What’s her disposition like? Is she still as beautiful as she once was?” The Baron asked. Kandross chuckled “Baron,I must be honest with you…I do not find her species very pleasing to the eye, but her disposition and machinations are both strong. It will not be long before she is here, and the Planet belongs to the two of you.” His sharp fangs glistened underneath his sinister smile as he reassured Dracktholme. The Baron sat on a small couch as he clapped his hands together “excellent my friend! However you say the planet will be ours, but what of you Captain? Surely you’ve been promised somewhere for you and your people on the planet?” He asked having to look even further upwards to make eye contact with the imposingly tall Kandross. An even wider smile showing far more fangs spread across Kandross’ face before speaking “Oh she has promised us much…the ability to leave this place and return home after helping the two of you with your goals. I have been away from my people too long, and those pathetic Khanians have surely taken over some of my territory while we have been stuck here all these years.” With this he leaned back on his tail as none of the chairs looked like they could hold his weight. Baron Dracktholme thought for a second “ I’ve no idea where you are from, but your service to my beloved means I will do everything in my power to help you get home. It’s the least I could do to repay you for reuniting me with my heart and soul” .

As Baron Dracktholme gave him a tour of the grounds Kandross was amazed at how different things were outside of the Northern Asylum. The Dark Citadel was a vastly different world from the Pyramid that had been his home for so long. Technology was everywhere,and the Baron had created most of it himself. The Witch had told him of the Baron’s mind… supposedly one of the sharpest on all of Jalldoon, but seeing all the machines he had created filled Kandross with awe. He was intimately familiar with advanced tech, but on this backwater planet all he had seen before the Doom Buggies and Shocktroopers had picked him up was a world full of simple beings living simple lives, but With the machines of the Baron, and the Witch’s spells there was no way any force this planet could muster would stop his master from achieving her goals. After being shown a good portion of the tower, Kandross was lead into the dining room of the Dark Citadel. A long table piled high with food sat before them, and a large chair was set on one side. Kandross licked his lips as the light glinted off his fangs “Finally! Something to eat!” The captain thought to himself as he sat down. Even the drug addled minds of the Shocktroopers recoiled at the horror of Kandross feasting.

After satiating his near endless hunger Kandross sat back fulfilled, and as he stood up from the table Baron Dracktholme walked into the hall “Ahhh Captain, I see you have enjoyed your feast” the Baron said with a chuckle at the messy remains of the once great feast he had prepared for his new compatriot. With a clap of his hands servants rushed out to clear the table, and Dracktholme sat in the chair they had brought over before continuing “Now, the matter at hand my friend. Your master has sent you to aid me in returning her to these lands, but we must remain cautious. The Covenant of Crowns is the highest law in the land, and if they catch wind of anything even our combined might cannot stand against their forces. So we must practice caution until the pieces fall into place. My love’s servants run free on Jalldoon as we speak, and they are collecting the magic artifacts we need to free her. Until that time you will need to keep yourself hidden from the general public, but that’s not to say you won’t be having fun…” The Baron was cut off as one of his scouts entered the hall and handed him a parchment. He quickly read the message, and as he put it down on the table he clicked his gloved fingers together with a melodic rhythm as metal hit metal. Sliding the chair out he spoke “As I was saying Captain, you will have plenty to do, in fact this very moment I have a mission of urgency that someone familiar with traveling in space such as yourself would be most suited for.” Kandross stood up and flexed his tail as he grabbed his rifle and sword “Anything my liege” he said with a smile. The Captain followed the Baron out of the hall, and as he walked he knew that he was going to enjoy the rest of his time on Jalldoon.

Continued in part 7.

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