Continued from Part 6

Boshak closed the door to the dungeons as he and Skale entered the long hallway to the General’s quarters. The sadistic nature of his most capable follower was a trait Boshak admired greatly, but why anyone would want to live down in the dank depths of the Citadel was beyond him. Once they were safely inside the confines of Skale’s office Boshak spoke ” General, the monarchs of the Slime Kingdom, and Karnok know that the Baron is up to something. We must distract them, and we need a plan” as he said this he pounded his fist on the table. Skale smiled “Ahhhh my lord. I recently met just the fellow. I happened upon him in a clearing beside the road late one night while picking Nightmoss for my poisons. He was walking down the road with a sack of loot of some kind. Damn near scared the life out of me. Sneaking up almost silently, but he seemed friendly enough as we talked in the moonlight.He said he had a band of brigands willing to do anything for coin, and should I ever have need how to contact him. We could pay them to create a disturbance in the Kingdoms of good. Murderous brigands killing and looting will take the attention away from us.” The grin of Skale’s skull face seemed even wider than usual at the thought of bloodshed. Boshak had always trusted Skale, and this was exactly why. He clapped his hands on the table “Yes! General, you are truly my most valuable servant! Contact these brigands, and unleash them upon Karnok. We…or rather the Baron will pay any price they ask.” Boshak said as he stood up. He would need to alert Dracktholme to this plan immediately so he clapped Skale on the back and made his was up the tower to the observatory at its highest point.

Boshak found the Baron locking Captain Kandross into some kind of pod. He decided to see how this played out. As Dracktholme finished tightening the seals holding the door closed he tapped on the glass of the round porthole and gave a thumbs up. Kandross gave a thumbs up back and the Baron stepped back to a control panel. It was only then Boshak noticed five other pods containing Shocktroopers. Dracktholme hit a button and all six pods launched up into the sky. As the portals they shot out of closed the Baron made his way over to Boshak ” My friend, I’ve sent Kandross to Space! He is off on a mission for my love!” He said as he put his arm around Boshak before adding “What brings you all the way up here to my observatory?” With a squeeze of Boshak’s shoulder. Boshak slyly stepped out of the Baron’s grip with a bow “My lord, General Skale and I would like to hire some brigands to attack Karnok. We aim to distract the forces of good from our plans” Boshak said pulling over a chair before slumping down in it and putting his feet up on the table in front of him. The Baron’s metallic laugh rang out as he raised his arms to the air “Yes my friend, it would be wise to throw Pullo off our scent.” With this he clapped his hands together menacingly. The two evil men laughed at the thought of their plans coming to fruition.

Later that night Boshak sat in his room practicing spells as further down the road from the Dark Citadel General Skale tied a bound villager to a post at the crossroads doing exactly as the strange man he had met instructed. He left instructions in the ragged pocket of the villager, and with great satisfaction sliced the side of the man’s cheek letting out a trickle of blood. Skale wasn’t sure how the brigands knew this poor fool was out here, but when he returned in the morning the villager was gone. In his place was an ornate dagger securing a note to the pole. The note instructed a sack of gold be left at the crossroads that night, and all would be taken care of. One more night was all it would take for the plans of his master to be forgotten in the eyes of those who would stop him. One more night until terror would hit Jalldoon.

The End.

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