Physical copies of the books can be found in The DoomKick Store , but you can find the digital versions of all released books on the amazon Kindle Store at these links in stock at all times. Retailers if you’d like to carry any Rampageo Press books please contact for bulk pricing. 

Jalldoonian Lore Vol 1 Digital Version


70 pages of lore. Containing 8 complete short stories in chronological order, and packed with art. Jalldoonian Lore Vol 1 is the place to start your adventures on Jalldoon.

Jalldoonian Lore Volume 1: Extended Text Edition Digital Version


The first Lore Book from The Exciting World of Jalldoon. 8 Short stories in chronological order. Featuring a handy glossary allowing you to get deeper into Jalldoon than ever before. Extended Text Edition inlcudes extra stories: The Mages Journal part 1-3, The shocktroopers Story, and the “King James” Version of the main story… a version told through a slightly different lens. (This version lacks the artwork prevalent in the original version)

The Art of Jalldoon Vol 1 Digital Version


32 pages of Comics and Art. One Book. Half Comics. Half Artwork. The Art of Jalldoon Vol 1 lets you pour over the visuals of Jalldoon, and see the action for yourself.

TEWOJ Comics Issue #1 Digital Version

Two ALL NEW Comic stories with art by Terry Thielen, and an ALL NEW One Shot by Tim Wilsie. 16 Page Comic also available physical in DK Store.

TEWOJ Comics Issue #2 Digital Version

Four previously released comics. ALL NEW TEWOJ Content. PLUS a special 3 Page Dino Girls Story by Terry Thielen. 16 Page Comic also available physical in DK Store.

You can find Rampageo Press Books at the following Real World locations:
Lemonjuice McGee’s Comic Cavalcade, Somerset, Kentucky.
Webb Games, Rowley, Massachusetts.