We’re in the Endgame now

I don’t feel so good…Man oh man, what a god awful year this has been. Listen, I understand it has been a tough year for US ALL, but JFC 2020 hit me hard. I lost far too many people this year. I lost friends and family to suicide, gun violence, old age, and both my father and Ralph to heart issues. All of this has really put my holiday spirit down the tubes, but it has made me re think my own life choices as far as health is concerned.

Meanwhile the country is quickly sliding into ruin as the Pandemic shows no sign of slowing down while destroying lives for millions of Americans, and our government does next to nothing help. It’s almost enough to make you want to lay down your arms and just give up. However that’s not an option…that has NEVER been an option. It’s hard guys…it really is. Every day it gets just a bit tougher to drag yourself out of bed and exist, but while my hopes for 2021 are not very high I do think things will pick up a little bit…I mean they kind of have to don’t they? I truly do not see how we can keep going like this without something giving. So I choose to believe that life will improve, and if it doesn’t well then its about time we rise up and make things better, but I digress…

We do reserve the right for the Choppy Bois to make their comeback… Just sayin.

Not everything was a total nightmare though…some good things did happen. Bought a house, got married, and dropped the first two issues of TEWOJ Comics (available now!!). In a normal year I’d be immensely proud and hype on these facts, but 2020… so bit of a mixed bag this year. What about next year though? Well I’ve got a few things cooking…

First up will be Jalldoonian Lore Vol 1 Appendix which will be about 40 pages (maybe more, but definitely not less) of lore. Featuring the Mages Journal stories previously exclusive to the JLE with an ALL NEW Chapter tying the saga up a bit, and also setting the stage for the future. It also features a few other stories like the Shocktrooper’s Tale and a brand new tale as well as tons of new art from…probably Terry Thielen, but Terry and I haven’t sealed the deal on that officially yet.

Next up will be TEWOJ Comics Issue #3 which beyond the cover, and some barebones elements of one of the stories there has been very little work done for…again its been a tough year. Hard to get much done, but Issue 3 will be coming in 2021 at some point.

2021 will also see a marked increase in weekly content being posted here on DK, and in fact there is a couple of new lore bits comin very soon!

I’m also working on a little special project with my old dear friend from Monster’s Holding Bitches it is unrelated to anything I’m working on here, but I think ya’ll will like it.

There is a couple of other semi secret projects, but the only one I know for sure will happen is Jalldoonian Lore Vol 2, but I kind of doubt we will see that this year…still a lot of writing and art needed for that beast. I’d like to get back into the toys a little bit (and this year MAY see the release of the next collab with Zoloworld, but that’s out of MY hands on delivery time) with my printers still out of commission I don’t quite see that happening just yet. Which brings me to my next point…

You know me, all my projects are self funded. Multiple Production figures, a ton of 3D printed and resin figures over Two lines, 3 Books, 2 comics since 2013 all self funded with no Kickstarter or Gofund me to be seen, and I will never use those platforms, nor will I pre order products that are not ready to come out making you wait years for something you paid for. All that being said…2020 has hit the old wallet hard with severely cut hours at work so my budget for anything except staying alive is looking like that part in Mickeys Christmas Carol when they cut up the tiny turkey LOL…this is America…

Tell em Lando!

ANYWAY… point is this year I need your help BIG TIME, and no I’m not asking you for money… all I ask if you enjoy any of the stuff I do show a friend, post a pic or review online, request your local comic or book store carry Rampageo Press books, link here, visit the site daily, share store links… ANYTHING and EVERYTHING helps. Word of mouth is crucial to a venture like this, and every new fan makes getting this stuff out easier. Asking for help is never easy, and most cats out there want to big time…that’s not me, and never will be. So all I ask is plug me…plug me hard!

Beyond that I’m pretty much spent for the year…time to sit back, relax, and ring in the new year…hopefully it’s better than this trash, but I won’t hold my breath. As always HUGE thanks to YOU who keeps this ship afloat. You guys have continually and habitually been killing it with your support, and I love you. Stay safe and healthy my friends. -Doc

Remembering Ralph Niese 1983-Infinity

Last week the Art World and the Indy Toy Scene suffered a huge loss. Ralph Niese passed away, and judging by the outpouring of love for dude he touched a LOT of lives. Seriously so so so many Indy Toy cats had Ralph do work for them at some point. Add in the artists and art fans his incredible style touched over the years, and the world as a whole suffered a massive blow. I was lucky enough to have talked to Ralph many times over the years. Whether it was on FB, October Toys, or any number of message boards across the web. I was even luckier to have commissioned Ralph to do two pieces for me in the near decade I knew the guy. So I really wanted to open the archives, and get some of that stuff on here for the world to see, and to stay as a monument to this man’s genius…

The first piece I ever had Ralph do was way back in 2013 for the 1 year anniversary of Doomkick (back when this was a simple toy review blog..ancient history. Simpler times.) I didn’t even know what I wanted, but I knew after seeing Ralph’s killer Glyos art that I wanted a piece of this guy’s art for my own. We had struck up a friendship over on the OT Glyos forums, and I hit him up seeing what it would cost. Ralph being the guy he was traded me this piece for some American Mass Market toys…the only one I really remember was a Mattel Zur-En-Arrh Batman figure…probably because that figure was so ridiculous…Anyway shipping a box of toys from the store to Germany from the US is certainly worth some good art…much less art from a true talent like Ralph. Not knowing what I wanted Ralph and I kicked back and forth a few ideas, until he asked me to name a few of my favorite toys and characters, and disappeared for a few days. When he came back he dropped this absolute beauty on me, and it has remained the DK FB Banner to this day…despite no longer having ANYTHING to do with the site.

The second piece Ralph did was the Algor v Cultists picture done earlier this year. I had long wanted to get Ralph on some TEWOJ Art, but working on so many projects didn’t leave a ton of budget to pay Ralph’s (totally justified and amazing value) prices. However early in 2020 I had a little extra gas in that TEWOJ Budget tank , and I hit Ralph up with a request for the cover of TEWOJ Comics Issue #3. Algor fighting some Cultists in a castle as direction. Once again a few days later Ralph came back with the above sketch. It blew my mind. Exactly the vibe I was looking for which is why I wanted Ralph to begin with…dude was a expert at nailing the vibe of a project… I told him as much, and how it was about damn time I got him on some TEWOJ shit. His response? ” All you had to do was ask”, and that was the thing about Ralph, this man didn’t see himself as the god among men he clearly was…he was just Ralph, and no matter how long had passed or what the topic was he always that good old boy you loved talking to. We talked about how we now both wanted some cultists figs, and how hard it would be to get him one of the upcoming ROTU Algor with Mount sets, and I told him for him not at all hard…hell id trade him a few sets for some more art, and that was it. Never in a million years would I have thought that would be the last conversation I’d have with a dude who was a couple years younger than myself, but I guess that’s 2020 for you. Had I known it would be the last time we talked there is a lot more I’d of said to him (A recurring feeling this year unfortunately), but we can never know so I’ll have to settle for celebrating the amazing talent dude had any chance I can get, and I know if there is anything after this life Ralph sits at the table with Kirby, Frazetta, Moebius, and the rest of history’s best artists. Enjoy some WIP shots of the Amazing TEWOJ piece below, and the finished cover to issue #3. Do yourself a favor, and go find any of this man’s art you can, and soak your eyeballs in the glory of it. While the world lost a bright talent we’re all better for having witnessed it. Ralph Niese 1983-Infinty a true legend.

Books Books Books!


As many of you know I’ve been busy working on the Jalldoonian Lore Volume 1 book for some time, and during that time I also had the bright idea to make an entirely different book as well. Both books are now done! The art book is done as done can be, and I have my full order already from the printers. The Lore book is just about ready to go off to the printers as well. Both books are up on the Amazon Kindle Marketplace RIGHT NOW, but what of the physical copies? Read on to find out.

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