Hey Y’all, it’s ya boy Doc back at it. As you’ve likely witnessed the Books are live! As well as the books I’ve gotten my hands on the Master Boshak/Tengkorak Bodyguard figures and they are SPECTACULAR. I’ll be showing off some pics of these bad boys (a well as some of the new ROTU stuff) as well as some things I’ve got cooking. Let’s dive right in.

First up The Master Boshak/Tengkorak Bodyguard figures have shipped to all the (sold out) pre orders from Zoloworld, and I’ve got my (very limited) supply. These figures came out GREAT! The second full production TEWOJ figure is a dream come true. I had one goal initially setting out to make this figure. I wanted a great color scheme that was totally different from any of the previous figures. So I went with a grey/green that I thought would look cool. Well you guys, I was wrong. It doesn’t look cool… it looks AMAZING!!! Really really impressed with the way the factory handled this guy. An issue we ran into very early on was that the Boshak head was going to be a bit too big to fit in the card comfortably so instead of cramming it in or having it loose on its own the decision was made to include a second head, and since I had already been working on the Tengkorak as an idea (you have to realize this was YEARS ago at this point when we started dealing with all this. Production aint easy kids) it seemed a good idea to use the existing skull head. So everyone wins… we not only get a Master Boshak figure and a Tengkorak figure, but if you don’t even like TEWOJ you get a killer looking skull headed 5.5 figure for your collection. The vinyl slime head were always intended to function as “mini figures” on their own anyway. I digress though..the Master Boshak Tengkorak figure came out GREAT, and it sold out QUICK on the Zoloworld site. This figure was limited run, but I didn’t expect it to sell so quick. I do have a small stock of them here myself I had set aside for later so at some point they will be going up on the DK store, but we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it. All in all it has been a huge honor to be a tiny part of the return of the Warrior Beasts, and all this new Zoloworld product. Below you can read the Boshak bio and see my impressions of some of the new figures.

Master Boshak.. The vile leader to the evil Slimes of Jalldoon. With the Staff of Tengko, he is able to manipulate and control the armies of skull headed Tengkorak Bodyguards. These warriors are a terrifying force that posses great strength and resistance to pain. There are many stories about these soldiers, but the most recent is that they have caused much trouble on their home world. How and why they’ve joined up with the worst of the Warrior Beasts is to be seen…

MASTER BOSHAK comes with:

* Zoloworld Interchangeable Body
* Interchangeable MASTER BOSHAK Head
* Interchangeable Tengkorak Bodyguard Head
* Removable Armor
* Staff Of Tengko
* Artwork Backer card (art by Chris Faccone)
* Scarcely Limited Rampageo Industries Exclusive




I also snapped a few pics of some of the new ROTU/Warrior Beasts/Legends of Darkness figures, and man…I don’t review figures anymore, but these guys are fire! (Besides the fact that even of I was still doing reviews it would be entirely unethical to do so with my business involvement with Zoloworld) Mike has brought the hammer down with a major assortment of figures. Let’s take a look at some figures!


Jewel Smuggler:

Y’all know I HAD to have the first trans blue figure. Not only does this guy look like molten hotness, but that blue maaaannnnnnnn. It looks great! I think we may need to see an Algor in this color. Agree or disagree?



The old Remco beast body was always a favorite of mine, and Mike killed it bringing it back. This new beast body is spectacular, and the paint work Mike got out of the factory is impressive as hell.



Much like the beast body the old bird head was another favorite of mine, and again Mike has delivered a terrific update, as well as some more killer paintwork.



Wow…just wow. There is so much heat on this guy. The Speclatron homage glitter torso, the head, the new armor. I wanted to see it all…plus as you can see I wanted that armor for Al to rock. I did some of the prototype work on this head for Mike, so it’s cool to finally see it in all its glory rocking out in Peoples collections.


So that’s about it for TEWOJ news. In general Ri news I have started working on the new Void Patrol figures, and the next TEWOJ figure. Now that the books are out im beginning the early mid stages of the DK/Hoard World/ Tim Wilsie fundraiser event, and as always im in the early stages of something else too. All that stuff is a conversation for another day. Until next time boys and girls this is Doc signing off.


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