Battle for Jalldoon: The TEWOJ Card Game.


Getting Started

Each player will need:
1 Character Marker
1 Hero Card
1 Weapon Card
Health (red) and Magic (blue) tokens based on hero card stats
1 Die


Place hero and weapon card to side with tokens. Remove any remaining hero cards from card pool, and separate cards into two decks.
Deck 1: Terrain Cards

Deck 2: Minion, Weapon,Spell, and Artifact Cards

Shuffle Deck 1. Each player chooses a card from the top of the deck. These cards are your battleground. Place both cards lengthwise next to each other. Each player starts at a square on the end of their terrain card.

Shuffle Deck 2. Each player chooses a card from top of deck. Place Deck 2 off to side of Terrain Cards.

Each player rolls their dice. Highest roll goes first.


Playing the game:


Each turn players can either move to their full movement or less than full movement and make an action. Movement can be in any direction as long as it doesn’t pass through an enemy player. Players control both their characters and any minions on the board during each turn.

Attack and Defense:

Attack: Weapon Attack + Roll
Defense: Hero Defense +Roll
If attack is higher than defense remove health tokens from hero’s pool. If spell is used remove magic tokens. A tie roll goes to defense.


Actions are attacking, using a special ability, summoning a minion, casting a spell, changing weapons, trading in cards, or using an artifact.Summoning a minion uses the action, but any other minions in play can still be used. Melee must be to adjacent squares, but diagonal spaces count. Ranged actions can be up to 2 squares away(including square Target is on) , but cannot pass through friendly or enmeny Heros or Minions.



Special Abilities:

Heroes and Minions can use 1 of their special abilities once per turn. When noted some special abilities will end the players turn completely upon use, in these cases any unused minions will remain unused until the next turn.


Spells cost magic. If there isn’t enough magic spell cannot be cast. Any rolls for spells are based off of cards stats not heroes. After spells uses have been depleted discard spell card.


Artifact attacks are based on card stats not Hero stats. Artifacts used on self require no roll. After artifact uses have been depleted discard artifact card.

Breakaway Roll:

To move after being in an adjacent space from enemy hero or minion a break away roll must be attempted. Each of the in contact players must roll. if player trying to break away has higher roll than players trying to stop him. If more than 2 players break away roll must be higher than each individual roll of players trying to stop not the combined number.

Critical Defense:

A defense roll of 6 always misses even if combined attack number is higher.

Summoning minions:

A summoned minion appears on any square adjacent to summoner, and remains in play until dead. Minions (unless noted) have 1 health and are removed from play and discarded after a successful attack on them. After being summoned a minion must wait one turn before making an action or moving. After waiting one turn minion is controlled by player much like a hero. 2 Minions per player on board for 2 player games or 1 minion per player for 3-4 person games is suggested, but players may agree on any numbers of minions allowed at once. Use Minion Markers (black or white) to mark minions on board. Minons may be dismissed at the start of a turn if player chooses.

Switching Weapons:

Switching Weapons uses your action for the turn, but any defense or special ability will be factored into next defense roll.

After all players have taken their turn each player draws a card from deck 2. Game continues until only one player or team remains. Discarded cards go into a separate discard pile. If game continues and no cards remain to be drawn, reshuffle discard deck and use for draws until game ends.

Trading in Cards:

Players may use their action to trade in 3 unused cards from their hand for 1 point of magic. This may be done once per turn, and uses the heros action for that turn. Minions may still make their actions.

Multi Player Games:

The game can be played by 2-4 players with players in a free for all or team based games. Turns go clockwise in a free for all or alternating or team based in team games based on players choice .

Deck Building:

For Deck 2 Players can either play from one pool of cards to draw from or each player can have their own deck to draw from. Personal decks start at 12 cards, and can be as large as players agree on provided there is enough cards for every player to have an equal sized deck. Players may pick and choose which cards they would like in their deck from the available pool of cards.


For larger or longer games each player or team can draw a terrain card and place cards side by side opposing players or teams each start on their own card. Any agreed upon number of terrain cards may be used.

Players can choose to increase their starting hands by an agreed upon number of each card as well. Team based games can be either all players controlling characters or two players controlling multiple characters.

Alternate Markers:
Player Markers, Minion Markers, and Health/Magic Tokens can all be replaced with any small items you may have around. Any 6 sided dice will work.

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