Well you guys… It’s here! Battle for Jalldoon goes up for pre-order Friday Feb 1st, and runs until Friday March 1st in the Doomkick Store read on for the full details.

I’ve somehow stumbled into adding Indy Tabletop Game Developer to my ever-growing list of things I can do I guess. Battle for Jalldoon sprung up from the longstanding desire to create some kind of game set in the world of Jalldoon.


Kicking around all kinds of ideas over the years, from miniature games to Pen and Paper RPG’s. Nothing ever really struck me as something that would be fun to actually do…sure I love all kinds of games, but did I actually want to make one of those? Yes and no was the answer. Those games require so much making things and the costs/time needed were just not feasible. Things all changed recently (crazy recently really to have built an entire TCG from the ground up) when I was looking into making some TEWOJ trading cards. As I started looking into prices I had an idea…all this art I have sitting here could be worked into a card game pretty easily. So I started messing around with what I thought would be a fun game, and things kinda snowballed from there. What I’ve ended up with a (in my opinion) a pretty fun battle game.


Basically each player chooses a character, and a weapon. The they each choose a terrain card. After they set up their player marker on their terrain, each player draws from either a random deck or a personal deck (you can read the Full Rules for clarification of the different play types) and each turn consists of players moving, attacking, casting spells, summoning minions, or using artifacts until only one player remains. From the play testing it seems like a grand old time. That being said the beauty of it all is that tweaks to stats on certain cards is a super easy thing to do so rolling changes on cards that are not working is entirely possible. Full rules and checklist over in the Games section.


The majority of the first series of cards (50 cards and a checklist) features the art of Tim Wilsie,as well as some art from Terry Thielen and Chris Faccone in there. While most of the art is re used I have remixed a good deal of it for these cards with different colors or backgrounds,and there is some all new art mixed in there as well from Tim Wilsie . Tim and I are both excited about this particular venture so of people enjoy this game there is plenty of room for growth while also keeping all cards available. The way it will be handled will be via pre-order periods. So series 1 will be open for a certain time, and once it closes all orders will be produced and shipped. The cost break down is good enough that opening orders often won’t be a problem for people to collect more cards,and doing small expansions will be easy as well.


Series 1 will drop like this

Starter Set $25:

38 Cards

Everything you need to get started playing the game.

2-4 Players

4 player Markers

4 Minion Tokens

4 Dice

15 health tokens

15 Magic Tokens

36 card curated deck

1 extra Ultra Rare Card (possible Holo card)

1 Checklist Card

Rules Sheet

Deluxe Starter Set $60: DK Store Exclusive

For those that want to go all in! You get enough for a large group of players or a few players to have their own decks. Plenty of Tokens and Markers, and a good deal of the series 1 cards in one fell swoop! Best Value!

2-6 Players

6 Player Markers

6 Dice

8 Minion Tokens

25 Health Tokens

25 Magic Tokens

110 Cards:

36 card curated Starter deck

36 card curated Expansion Deck

2 18 card Booster Decks (with possible ultra rare and Holo cards )

1 Extra Ultra Rare Holo Card

1 Checklist Card

Rules Sheet

Expansion Deck or Starter Deck $18 Each:

For those who may already have plenty of game pieces around these decks allow you jump into the game,build up your card pool, and save a few bucks at the same time.

38 Cards

2 Players

36 Card Curated Starter Deck or 36 Card Curated Expansion Deck

1 Bonus Ultra Rare (possible Holo)

1 Checklist Card

Booster Pack $12:

19 Cards

For adding to player or community decks, Booster packs have a high chance of including Ultra Rare and Ultra Rare Holo Cards.

18 Random Cards

1 Checklist Card

Booster Deck $20: DK Store Exclusive

38 Cards

2 18 Card Booster Packs

1 Extra Ultra Rare (possible Holo card)

1 Checklist Card

Holo Booster $20: DK Store Exclusive

21 cards including two Holo Cards

18 Card Booster Deck

2 guaranteed Holo Cards

1 Checklist Card


Like any good game cards have a rarity Breakdown marked by colored Borders .

Black = Common

Blue = Uncommon

Purple = Rare

Gold = Ultra Rare (Includes Holo Cards)


As you can see there will be plenty of options to get started with BFJ, and it really let’s you delve deeper into the world than ever before. While series 1 is relatively small at 50 cards we are already behind the scenes working on the beginning cards of series 2 so BFJ can expand to more cards soon. Working on this is super fun so if people are digging it we can go all day on this train.

Battle for Jalldoon goes up for pre order Friday Feb 1st, and runs until Friday March 1st in the Doomkick Store


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