Hey Gang! How we doing during this awful no good very bad year? Here we are the Holiday Season again, and this year I’m doing something a little special for Black Friday. first and foremost the new TEWOJ Comic Books are BUY ONE GET ONE FREE!!! That’s right guys if you haven’t copped yet now is your chance. So now you can get some books for yourself, and a gift for a loved one for the for the cost of one book, or you can cross two people off your list in one go! Head on over to THE STORE now to order yours! To clarify if you buy a copy of issue #1 you will get TWO copies of Issue #1. If you order a double set of both issues you will get TWO OF EACH ISSUE so the deals are pretty good, and they stack so you could buy two double sets, and you’ll have 4 of each issue! With deals like this I must be crazy!!!! For real though in this time of thanks I do want to sincerely thank everyone who comes out and supports all this stuff every drop you cats are the best around! This is my gift to you! BOGO offer runs Nov 26- Dec 1, and you dont need to do anything to get it beyond buying the books. I’ll be throwing the free copies into every order made in that time!

The other deal is ALL DIGITAL BOOKS have been dropped in price permanently. Head on over to the Kindle Marketplace to snag some digital books on the cheap, and as always if you’re a Kindle Unlimited Subscriber you can read all the books for FREE. This is not a paid ad for amazon I swear it’s just where the digital versions of the book are available and baby, Doc gotta his money. You know this mannnnnnnnnnnn.

Anyway that’s about it for Black Friday Deals, but don’t forget the Ri Teepublic has a TON of art on it available on a multitude of clothing and merch, and those cats will probably be running any number of sales during this time! This is me heading off to cry a bit (2020 am I right?),but coming up sometime next month will be my annual end of year post. You guys…this one is gonna be a doozy so be ready. Until next time stay safe and be well everyone!


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