Hi guys,

2017 was a weird year for Ri. I had a lot of plans this year…and almost none of them played out how I thought they would. However it was still a great year as far as output was concerned. So as we kiss 17 goodbye (more like boot it out the door am I right?) I look forward to 18 with hope. 

2018 is going to bring a TON of cool stuff into the mix like…

DoomKick is in the midst of being reborn as the hub for all things Rampageo Industries including TEWOJ. So you’ll now be able to log into the site and see all kinds of lore, stories, art, who’s who, and other TEWOJ information including tons of all new stuff leading up to some HUGE developments in the main story of TEWOJ later this year. In addition to the online stuff, there is a full printed story book featuring a TON of new art from Tim Wilsie as well as collecting the first story arc I’ve been delivering over the past couple years of TEWOJ coming soon. I’m also working on another special project that will expand your view of the TEWOJ universe quite a bit.

TEWOJ has always been about more than the toys, and this year you’ll see some expansion on that front so the line will continue as toys, but we’ll be seeing more content coming out with a slightly slowed release schedule of toys. I’ll be posting more and more in the coming weeks as well as preparing for Zolocon 2018 which will bring a few ALL NEW figures into the mix as well.

Also coming this year is an ALL NEW LINE from Ri. Yep, I’m working on a whole new line. This new line will be a 3.75 Sci-fi line, and it should be FUN!
I’ve been locked into the 5.5 world for over half a decade at this point, and while I will always love it I also want to stretch my creative juices a bit into other realms. What I can tell you now is that while TEWOJ is a very character driven world this new world will be focused more on events and factions than individual characters. Fans of GI Joe, Micronauts, Star Wars, and articulation will be happy.

So the coming year is holding big things for us here at Ri, and now that the site is back up and running you can come along for the ride too! Wishing everyone a safe and happy 2018.


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