Being heir to the gooey throne isn’t the easiest thing for a young Slime to grow up with, but Prince Algor handles it with honor and a plucky attitude. He spends his days adventuring around Jalldoon with his loyal bodyguard Toron Smelg, the heroic captain of the royal slime guard and old friend of King Valdar. With the amount of happenings in the world, these two friends are never at a loss of things to do. Oftentimes their paths will cross with many of heroes and villains who operate outside of the rule of the kingdom of Slime. The Prince is well loved by most everyone who ever meets him, and he is often cursed by the evils of the world.

Prince Algor (like all slimes) is capable of changing his shape at will, and while he will often roam Slime City or Hawkstorm Keep in his natural born form he can mostly be found in his muscular Heroic Form when adventuring around Jalldoon.  A more than capable adventurer, Prince Algor has seen and done things most citizens of Jalldoon will never experience.

After being sought out by the Slime Elder Magi the Prince was tasked with assembling a team of heroic beings to stand up to the evil building on every corner of Jalldoon . Making their base at Hawkstorm Keep located deep within Frogmire Marsh these heroes are all that stands between Jalldoon and the forces of evil…



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