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Originally all Slimes were good and got along in their ventures, but that all changed when the fabled slime adventurer Boshak Dahn, on a ten month tour of the lands charting maps stumbled into the lake beneath the dark citadel that had been filled with toxins after years of evil creations by Baron Draktholme, Boshak made contact with the eerie glowing waters and was forever tinted by evil and changed into Master Boshak, terror of slimes everywhere.

Upon returning to Slime city he found that he could infect other slimes with his evil thoughts and get them to join his cause. The first of these converts was Jelgon Shan, who while not the brightest Slime in the world is fiercely loyal to his evil overlord. Boshak, like Prince Algor prefers to most times stay in his muscular Villainous Form as it makes him more imposing, and it keeps him from feeling smaller than his evil allies.

Now in league with Baron Dracktholme, the evil Slimes make their home at the Dark Citadel while plotting to take down the forces of good and rule all of Jalldoon. Master Boshak is becoming an acomplished mage in his own right by devouring all the magic knowledge he can get his slimy hands on.  Between his own Slime converts and having comeplete control over the Tengkoraks who live near the Dark Citadel (with the help of a staff created by Dracktholme) Master Boshak is a major threat to the safety,freedom, and well being of Slimes everywhere, and even to the other races of Jalldoon .



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