Delgon Shan joined Master Boshak’s army shortly after his brother was converted. Being big, strong, and of average intelligence Delgon wasn’t much use for anything besides basic grunt work and heavy lifting, but that all changed when Boshak and Baron Draktholm joined forces to take over all of Jalldoon.

Delgon was sent to the Baron’s labs where the evil lord’s scientists conducted vile experiments, and was eventually infected with the any number of diseases. Pockmarked and scarred when he left the labs, Delgon took his anger out on one of Boshak’s evil Slime guard that was passing by. The guard fell back against the wall and gasped as his body was covered in bumps and boils, but the real treat came when Delgon realized he could now telepathically control the guard. After Boshak found out about these abilities he immediately put Delgon on his main attack force. Since then Delgon has been infecting unfortunate innocent Slimes to add to his masters ranks.

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