Sitting in the middle of the large lake on the northern edge of the Inari Grasslands, and with territory bordering both the Teeth of the Gods Mountains and the Vallorian Jungle this black rock tower is the home of Baron Dracktholme’s Kingdom. 

Originally the Island the Baron chose to build his castle on was home to a small order of Black Mages…until an offer they couldn’t refuse from the Ondska Empire’s bankers was made. This left the Baron free to build up their monastery into his own fearsome vision. Decades of the Baron’s experiments and creations have turned the once vibrant lake a sickly oozing green, caused mutations in the nearby Tengkorak Village, and spilled toxicity into the web of subteranian and above ground caves in the vicinity of the tower.

The village like base of the tower contains the Shocktrooper Program as well as housing, manufacturing, armories, motor pools, and the bulk of the day to day operations involved in running a small technologically advanced army. The main tower is home to the Baron’s Psychromagi , his engineers and tinkerers, The evil Slime faction, and the Baron’s personal quarters. The top of the tower is a large observatory, and the lower levels contain dungeons leading down to the underground caves which includes the dark underground lake that transformed Master Boshak into the evil he is today. The Dark Citadel stands as a stark reminder of the good people of Jalldoon that evil lives in their midst.

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