As darkness falls on the planet Jalldoon, the inhabitants of the rural towns and villages bolt their doors while they prepare for another night of restless sleep. Their anxiety stems from the dark days they live in, and while Baron Draktholm’s conquest stretches ever farther across the land they will not know peace.

Most numerous of the Baron’s vile servants are the Shocktroopers, who’s numbers expand daily. These emotionless brutes were once peaceful citizens of Jalldoon until Draktholm’s Terror Squads took them by force from their homes, and delivered them to the labs inside the Dark Citadel. There they were brainwashed into submission, but evil science never stops there now does it? Not under Draktholm’s iron rule it doesn’t, and the poor soul’s bodies are placed in an addictive nutrient sludge bath. This creates soldiers who need the goo or they will cease to function. The distinctive dome helmets of the Shocktroopers is locked in place upon completion of the “training” program and never removed, but if in battle it happens to be knocked off the being underneath without the goo to sustain them will after a short time completely cease to function.

Remorseless and relentlessly loyal to the Baron, they strike terror in all who run afoul of them. Fully capable of working on their own they are a menace, but when they are led into battle by the legendarily evil Slime General Skale,  they become downright panic-inducing. Shocktroopers are wildly aggressive to anyone who is not aligned with their master’s evil goals, but they have a standing order to subdue Prince Algor at all costs. Algor’s running tally currently has him at eight hundred and seventy-six Shocktrooper kills this year alone.

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