Squishy is the Slime that wears the crown.The Grand King of all Slimes is the latest in the royal line of kings going all the way back to the first slime to spawn from the elemental dust that is the mother of all Slimes. For years, ruling Slimedom was a fairly easy job for Slime Kings, but after the “birth” of Master Boshak, and the disappearance of his wife early in the current king’s reign the job became fraught with peril. Fortunately for good Slimes everywhere, King Valdar is fully capable of dealing with threats both inside and from outside the world of Slimes, and has done a wonderful job keeping his subjects safe from the despots currently terrorizing the land.

The stories of King Valdar’s adventures before his mind was troubled with thoughts of the current unpleasantness on Jalldoon could fill an entire library on their own. One only need look to his father to see where Algor gets his adventurous spirit from, but his Mother is the one who imbued him with a deep love of lore and history.

King Valdar and Emporer Pullo of Karnok have been close friends since childhood. The proximity of the two kingdoms meant that their parents worked together extensively, and the two young Princes developed a strong bond over countless adventures that holds strong to this day.

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