FriarLovac2London 1625:

The Great Plague sweeps through the city, Killing by the hundreds, but an even more sinister malady affects London…Vampires! A veteran member of the Order of the Silver Cross Monks is sent to investigate.

After many decades in the craft,Friar Benjamin Lovac was well versed in the art of slaying the undead, but he didn’t expect to cross paths with the ancient Vampire Count Karlan. Engulfed in battle,the Monk and the Vampire just happened to be in the path of a passing space time rift which sucked them up to Jalldoon millennia ago. Friar Lovac continued his hunt for Count Karlan for years. Adding technology from Jalldoon into his arsenal and armor along the way. However the human body can only survive on any planet for so long before it gives out, and with Lovac’s advanced age it wasn’t long before his death was at hand. Not wanting to let the Count escape his clutches, The friar called a magician friend to his bedside. With a request to enchant his spirit to his armor. Now a ghost free of the constraints of time and age, he haunts his old robes and armor while wielding his ancient silver sword. Striking fear into the undead that have spread across all of Jalldoon birthed by the evil Count Karlan, who has spread his disease into an army of the undead skulking the shadows of the planet. Back on Earth the Order of Silver Cross holds Friar Lovac in high regard as one who died defeating the ancient evil Count Karlan. While on Jalldoon the Friar still hunts his eternal nemesis. They are two undying beings who will only rest once the other is dead. Having aligned with Prince Algor and the rest of the forces of good, Friar Lovac has for the first time in centuries found friendship. With that friendship comes the burden of protecting his adopted planet from all manner of evils…including his ancient foe as evils of a feather tend to flock together.

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