As many of you know I’ve been busy working on the Jalldoonian Lore Volume 1 book for some time, and during that time I also had the bright idea to make an entirely different book as well. Both books are now done! The art book is done as done can be, and I have my full order already from the printers. The Lore book is just about ready to go off to the printers as well. Both books are up on the Amazon Kindle Marketplace RIGHT NOW, but what of the physical copies? Read on to find out.


Jalldoonian Lore Vol 1.

So I’m about to send the big book off to the printers as I said, but I want to to give it one more good once over before I spend the money. This book is the culmination of years of work since 2012. My intent with TEWOJ was always to put story first so it feels good to be close to finally getting this book out. Jaldoonian Lore Volume 1 is 70 Pages of Lore, and its packed with tons of art from Tim Wilsie, and Terry Thielen. It’s the first 8 short stories fully edited and enhanced in chronological order, and is the perfect place to start your adventures on Jalldoon. The actual book will be Square bound (TPB style) and cost $15, but the digital is only $4.99, and you can buy it right now on Amazon or if you are a Kindle Unlimited subscriber you can read it FREE (don’t feel bad for reading it free we get a cut still… so read it over and over again!)


The Art of Jalldoon Vol 1

the second book came out of having all this art sitting here. It’s 32 pages of Comics and art. It features ALL the comics released up until now, and a ton of art pieces from the entire history of TEWOJ. This book is saddle stitched (comic style) and costs $8, but is only $2.99 (minimum price)on Amazon where you can buy it right now. This book came out of nowhere, but it’s really cool.

Physical copies of both will be offered at the same time (after the lore book comes in with a proof I’ll open pre orders for both) and there will be a bundle deal for both books for $20 + ship offered to JLE members, and if any sets remain the public as well. i’ll also be doing a social media push where I’ll be giving away a set of books so keep your eyes open. I’m very excited about this next stage for TEWOJ and Ri so I hope you guys enjoy these books! There is already almost enough stories (some that need finishing, and I promise more lore is coming to the site here soon) to start work on book 2 so if you enjoy TWEOJ please support us by reading or buying these books. i’ve added a new page to the site as well so you can always find where to buy the books. Everything should be good to go in the next few weeks so I’ll be in touch. For now enjoy living that TEWOJ life!!!

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