‘Ello,’ello, ‘ello, and welcome to another blog post! Right off rip…the books are now SOLD OUT!!! Huge huge thanks to everyone who ordered some! I did not expect to sell out of these things by a damn sight. You all have humbled me once again, and I am planning on printing a second run of them in the future. Tim Wilsie who did the majority of the art for Jalldoonian Lore Volume 1, and myself will be splitting up this run so he can have some to sell as well so be on the lookout for the second printing of both TEWOJ books. All that being said work has already been laid for Jalldoonian Lore Volume 2 with some parts of stories being posted right here on the site! Let’s talk about the future of TEWOJ Lore below.

So, first and foremost…

I’m going to be removing some of the old stories from the site and replacing them with the revised and edited versions from the book. AS you can see with the recently posted The Search for Algor story instead of being posted in parts it is all collected as one single story. This should make reading things here on the site easier, and I’ll be slowly going through and updating all the stories from volume 1 as time goes on.  They will also be titled as Chapters to make reading them in continuity even easier. Though they will likely not be posted chronologically.

If you’ve been reading for a while you may remember some story parts published.

Slimes in space

Evil finds a way 

The return of Quazarec 

These represent parts of what Vol 2 will be. Only the return of Quazarec (Written by Sanjeev with a tiny touch of input from me) is complete. Which…shocker, the only one NOT written by me is the one that’s done right? However now that these books are out the door I will be spending more time writing, and finishing SIP and EFAW…actually there is an ALL NEW chapter of Evil finds a way just about ready to be posted later this week sooooo be on the lookout for that! After that I’ve got to figure out how to get some of these pieces of the story to where I need them to be for the end of Vol 2, and guys I have some crazy stuff planned. By the time Vol 2 wraps up Jalldoon will never be the same again. Beyond Vol 2 and the myriad other projects going on I do have a few ideas for some other books too, but more on those when its time.

Basically the point is that more lore IS coming, and I’ll be closing these old threads as we barrel on bringing the story of Jalldoon to your minds!

Until next time I’m Dr Rampageo, and this is Doomkick.

(Banjo strums)

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