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Hey Gang!

Delivering it hot and fresh today (Any excuse to bust out the old Papa Petrie) with a ton of new things being added to the DK Store. I’ve got Brand new stuff! I’ve got returning old stuff! Let’s take a run through, and see what’s being delivered…


Void Patrol Officers Club Lifetime Membership $30:

Lifetime Membership in the VPOC…
Access to exclusive club newsletter
Early Access to most Void Patrol products
High Quality Void Patrol Art Print by Scott Nihie (ships rolled)
Choice of either
Mail Away Galactic Council Stealth Scout Figure.
One Figure from the upcoming Void Patrol Drop (ETA April 2019)
(VPOC Packages ship out at time of The next Void Patrol drop, and covers shipping of items included. Any purchases from the drop will be bundled in for a shipping break at time of sale)



Battle for Jalldoon Day of sale items $12-$25:

This is extra stock from the pre orders, and ships right away. Numbers are pretty limited so if you’re kicking yourself for missing the pre-order or don’t want to wait for the next one now’s your chance.

Starter Set Label Final

Starter Set $25:

38 Cards

Everything you need to get started playing the game.

2-4 Players

4 player Markers

4 Minion Tokens

4 Dice

15 health tokens

15 Magic Tokens

36 card curated deck

1 extra Ultra Rare Card (possible Holo card)

1 Checklist Card

Rules Sheet

Starter Deck Label Final2

Expansion Deck or Starter Deck $18 Each:

For those who may already have plenty of game pieces around these decks allow you jump into the game,build up your card pool, and save a few bucks at the same time.

38 Cards

2 Players

36 Card Curated Starter Deck or 36 Card Curated Expansion Deck

1 Bonus Ultra Rare (possible Holo)

1 Checklist Card

Expansion Deck Label Final 2

Booster Deck Label Final2

Booster Pack $12:

19 Cards

For adding to player or community decks, Booster packs have a high chance of including Ultra Rare and Ultra Rare Holo Cards.

18 Random Cards

1 Checklist Card

Front cover

Jalldoonian Lore Vol 1 Second Printing $12:

You asked for it, and now you’ve got it. Jalldoonian Lore Vol 1 physical copies are back in stock for as long as they remain.

70 pages of lore. Containing 8 complete short stories in chronological order, and packed with art. Jalldoonian Lore Vol 1 is the place to start your adventures on Jalldoon.


Warrior Beasts Master Boshak/Tengkorak Bodyguard remaining stock $60:

The carded remains of the highly limited stock of Boshak figures. This is absolutely your last chance to snag this figure as they won’t be run again for some time if at all.


Prince Algor new head Test Shot $45:

A test shot head and body from when the orange and purple new Algor heads came out. Rare chance to own a piece of TEWOJ history.


Ri Art Print Bundle $20:

Three high quality art prints featuring…

Algor v Skeletons by Tim Wilsie

Master Boshak by Chris Faccone

Void Patrol by Scott Nihie


Jalldoon League of Explorers lifetime membership $20:

That’s right baby, the JLE is open for new members. Besides the items you get in the pack this also grants you early access, special prices, and more on ALL TEWOJ ITEMS. TEWOJ fans love the ability to not have to worry about getting their figures, and now you won’t have to either.

Lifetime Membership in the Jalldoon League of Explorers fan club.
Access to members only Newsletter.
Membership Card.
JLE Button.
Early Access to most TEWOJ products.
High Quality Art Prints of TEWOJ Maps 1&2. (Ships rolled)
Special Prices and deals.

Access to members only Newsletter.
Membership Card. gh Q


Special Prices and deals.
Imperial Donation Digital Deluxe Packs $1 $5 $10:

Sure most sites have a donation button, but I’m not really into getting money for nothing. So each Digital Donation pack comes with a ton of digital goods not available elsewhere or available at reduced prices (in the case of the digital books!)

Support Ri by making a donation to the Empire, and get some cool digital goods for it!
$1 Includes:
The Art of Jalldoon Vol 1 Digital Edition.
High Quality Void Patrol Art Pack.
$5 Includes:
The Art of Jalldoon Vol 1 Digital Edition.
Jalldoonian Lore Vol 1 Extended Text Digital Edition.
High Quality TEWOJ Art Pack.
High Quality Void Patrol Art Pack.
$10 Includes:
The Art of Jalldoon Vol 1 Digital Edition.
Jalldoonian Lore Vol 1 Digital Edition.
Jalldoonian Lore Vol 1 Extended Text Digital Edition.
High Quality TEWOJ Art Pack.
High Quality Void Patrol Art Pack.
High Quality Toy Photo Pack

So be sure to check out the DK Store for all these great things!! In preparation of the upcoming 6 years of Rampageo Industries I’m going thorough everything, and in the process finding some hidden gems so keep your eyes peeled for even more things popping up in the coming months!

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