Once again it’s on…

papa petrie 2

Hey Gang!

Delivering it hot and fresh today (Any excuse to bust out the old Papa Petrie) with a ton of new things being added to the DK Store. I’ve got Brand new stuff! I’ve got returning old stuff! Let’s take a run through, and see what’s being delivered…

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Preternia.Com looks at Void Patrol


My old friend Jon over at Preternia.com was kind enough to give a real nice write-up on Void Patrol  and he has the EXCLUSIVE REVEAL of the first Mail Away Figure for the line. Go check it out read the excellent first look, and marvel at his awesome pictures. Jon has been in the review game a long time, and I can speak from experience that he is one of the realest dudes in the game. While you’re there check out his old TEWOJ reviews too as well as his excellent coverage of many other lines. Drop for Void Patrol is NEXT WEEK!!! I’ll be making a post early next week with some more info and finalizing the store for the sale.