Hey Gang!

It’s been a while hasn’t it? As you have likely witnessed. I’ve been in the throes of a ton of stuff, and I’m here today to talk about some of it.

First up (because it’s done, over, and easier to talk about. There was a Void Patrol refresh intended to help those who missed the first drop, and it’s safe to say…it wasn’t quite successful. I still had a few people who couldn’t get figures even with excluding those who bought previously (sorry!) from getting a crack at them. The Council Station Security figures (Black and Grey) and the Galactic Council Medic (Pink and White ) sold out before the figures even made an actual sale on the store. If you missed out don’t feel too bad. The figures themselves were the same sculpts with only 3 new parts (pistol, Medic’s pistol, and Medic’s pack ) which will surely be available again.

Anyway the next Void Patrol sale will be a little different in that I’m going to do 1 figure (in two different reverse colors ) that way Instead of being a decent run split up over multiple figure it will be just the one figure which should hopefully satisfy demand a bit more with out making a ton more work. The next figure will be an all new sculpt and faction ( Phoenix Corp Remnants) , and if I can make an idea I’ve had a reality it will have a pretty neat accessory type of thing. When will this be? Well I’ll get to that In a minute after the TEWOJ stuff…while we are here though how about that HOT Scott Nihie VP art? Check out a bigger version here! Going to be turning that bad boy into an 11×17 poster for sure, but again I’ll get to that in a bit.

On the TEWOJ front as I’m sure you have heard (especially if you’ve peeped the NEW Books page) there is TWO TEWOJ books on the horizon (or right very now if you want them digital) getting ready for pre order. One is a 32 page Comics and Art book featuring a ton of deep cuts from TEWOJ history as well as ALL the so far released comics. The other is a 70 Page lore book (and there is also a 184 page text only digital version too! which includes extra stories, and a slightly different version of the main lore story) containing 8 complete short stories in chronological order. Revised and edited from the versions here on the site which actually will be getting replaced soon with these newer versions so you don’t necessarily have to buy the book.. but let’s be honest…you should buy the books digital and printed…because you love this stuff. Right? Right?

In addition to that I have a little fundraiser (for a great cause) in the works that is a tri way collab between me, Hoard World, and Tim Wilsie that I think you guys will like, but that’s all after this book business gets sorted out. Now what about the next TEWOJ figure you ask? Well there is several in various stages of development, and I’m pretttttyyy sure the next figure Will be Grar the Gatonian Thief, and he will release….

So here’s the deal with that. Doing all this stuff in addition to having to live is tough , and between Ri projects and the day job I’m putting in well over a 100 hours a week work…that leaves 68 hours for EVERYTHING ELSE in life. You know… silly little things like eating, resting, and not working. Add to that (even though it’s barely even September) the holidays are coming, and after that Zolocon 2019 which is only 5 months away…Jesus. Both of those things increase the workload (both jobs) and life obligations. All that being said I do plan on doing another Void Patrol drop in between now and Zolocon…I just don’t know when that will be. As for TEWOJ I’ve talked before about wanting to shift it slightly to be more accessible media and less super low run expensive toys (I know what I’m about, son) so while there will be PLENTY more TEWOJ figures, but I think in the interest of all parties I will likely put ton of work slowly on it as well as making a few of the previously released figures too for the show. I may do a couple of variants in the interim to keep you guys rolling in cool stuff,but I’m really trying to focus on the books and other projects I’ve been working so hard on as of late. Speaking of which The Master Boshak / Tengkorak Bodyguard figures in the Warrior Beasts wave 1 have been shipping, and soon I’ll have my allotment of them…with the figures arriving here in the US so close to PowerCon it just made sense to give old Zolo a chance to catch his breath, but I will have a very small amount of them in the store at some point along with the physical and digital copies of the books, the Void Patrol posters, and the fundraiser project going between now and then too. Another layer to this long winded manifesto is that Sanjeev and I have been working a bit behind the scenes on some things that will make getting figures out easier and cheaper so there is a ton going on most of y’all don’t see.

In any case (and I swear I’m wrapping up here…we all want to get home to our cats) things are and will be happening so I just wanted to keep everyone in the loop! Be on the lookout for all this hot stuff (including the books…did I mention you can buy them digital right now??) Coming in between now and Zolocon. My main goal (unlike the past few seasons) is to have stuff ready while not having to add stress to my already stressful life so things will happen when they happen. Oh! Why is this post called shore leave? Well next week beyond any light work getting stuff to the JLE Members/Void Patrol buyers I’ll be taking a solid multiple days off to actually relax and maybe not die of a heart attack/ stress induced stroke…plus, you guys Spider-Man comes out on the PS4 too. You KNOW I gotta sling some webs and quip at bad guys… So yeah keep your eyes peeled here for new stuff coming, as well as more lore expansion for TEWOJ and Void Patrol being added to the site too! Stay gold pony boys and girls!

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