Hey guys! Doc back again with another Void Patrol update. Today I’m showing off the finished versions of ALL THREE FIGURES! I’ve got a ton of pics, bios, and some more inside info about this whole process. So let’s dive Right in.

So AVB and matting went MUCH better this time, and now I have one of each figure complete and ready to go. I’ve been carrying a figure around in my pocket for days now, and am happy to report beyond one knee getting a bit loose there have been no issues. The loose limbs seem to be based on how smooth the ball and sockets are so some that get a bit less matte spray may get loose quicker, but the nail polish trick does the job superbly. That being said I’m going to include a little sheet with each figure outlining how to correct the issue so no one is confused. It shouldn’t be a big deal with normal posing/display, but it is an issue you may run across with hand made toys. I will be play testing all the figures myself before they go out so no one will get a loose figure out of the box. Speaking of the box… I’ll be packaging these guys in white mailer boxes with a VP sticker on it. If you only order one figure it will ship in that box (with plenty of padding) itself to save shipping fees for us all, but if you order multiple figures then those boxes will be put inside another box. At $25 a figure it just seems wasteful to do some kind of fancy packaging so id rather keep the cost low on these guys. However, I may do some packaging for certain special releases (speaking of if these guys do well I’ve got a pretty dope Halloween special figure planned already) down the road.


Each figure and adventure set will be available in Ursa Company (green/blue) and Pardus Company (blue/green) variants. These colors are for the Boot Camp story-line, and future figures will be colored based on their faction/mission (I.E. arctic, desert, forest etc etc) so there probably won’t be another run in these same colors (also its the uber expensive UpFila filament.. which is great to work with, but double the cost for half the product) down the line, but these sculpts will show up again. Each single figure will be $25 + shipping and the adventure sets will be $40 plus shipping. let’s look at these guys and the reveals popping. First up is…

Galactic Council Trooper:

The backbone of the Galactic Council’s forces. The standard issue armor for all normal human troops consists of a tech-enhanced suit capable of keeping its wearer alive in the most extreme conditions space or alien planets can throw at them. The Council armor lets them breathe underwater or in deep space, and it filters out any toxins that may be in the air either from enemy combatants or a planets harsh atmosphere. The computer-aided targeting system allows them to quickly scan an area for threats, and lock on to their target with precision.

Each soldier carries the standard issue ewuipment. An assault rifle, and a plasma blade for melee combat, debris removal, and anything else a long blade of molten hot plasma could be useful for. The assault rifle is the pinnacle of weapons tech, created by Rampageo Industries engineers who have reduced the kickback by ninety-seven percent allowing the rifle to be fired effectively one-handed with ease. Going through two rounds of training means that the GCT assigned to Void Patrol are experts with these weapons.

1 GC Trooper Figure

1 Standard Issue Assault Rifle

1 Plasma Blade

1 Backpack


Galactic Council Rocket Trooper:

The Council’s rapid deployment force, Rocket Troopers use their Jet packs to fly through the air launching quick and precise strikes on their target. Using boosters attached to their feet in conjunction with jet packs allows them extreme maneuverability in the air. Fighting in the air or landing on hard to reach places the Rocket Troopers are a force to be reckoned with.

Wielding duel sub machine guns  the Rocket Troopers usually come in guns blazing, and leave a smoldering pile of death in their wake.

1 GC Rocket Trooper Figure


1 Jetpack


Adventure set with Scout Trooper:

Scout Troopers are frequently sent into the field alone on reconnaissance missions, and as such their armor features extra rations and items a lone soldier in the field would need. Their packs are loaded up with many items that come in handy when encamped on long missions reporting on enemy locations and movements back at base. Each scout is linked back to base where an intelligence officer monitors them on a specially designed command console while keeping in constant contact. These consoles allow the brass to see through the eyes of the scout to gather intel without the need for voice communication over voice comm.

Scouts must be proficient with any number of weapons depending on the situation they are put into so recruits who show an aptitude for multiple firearms are  fast tracked to the scout program.

1 GC Scout Trooper Figure

1 Shotgun

1 Scout Backpack

1 Bazooka with missile

1 Control Console

1 Target Dummy

1 Jump Pack

2 Crate

1 Plasma Blade

1 Standard Issue Assault Rifle




So there you have it the first wave of Void Patrol. Soon I’m going to get to work on finishing up a gang of these guys, and once I get an idea of how long it will take me to finish the run I’ll have a sale date for everyone. Expect it to be mid-late May or early June. Stay tuned for more details!!!!



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