Hey gang! It’s your boy Doc,and I’m back again with another blog post. Last time I talked all about the trials and tribulations of working in a new scale, and guess what? I’m still learning even more.

Right off rip… Remember before when I was talking about the feet issue? Well that’s been solved completely, and due to my next point I’ll be printing out all new feet. So don’t fret about that issue anymore. In the pic below you can see the new foot (left of pic) and old foot…the difference is enormous. Also keep in mind the old foot isn’t fully cleaned up yet while the new foot is straight from the support material. This means clean up on these guys and future figures is/will be a snap.

So over the weekend I started the smoothing of the figures, and all was well until I stumbled upon a fatal flaw in the way I was doing this. Coming from the 5.5 guys where you can do a whole mess at once no problem I sat down and AVB’d my way though the whole run in one fell swoop, and I felt like the king of the world. However melting the plastic of barely articled figures versus figures that are super articulated are two VERY DIFFERENT THINGS. So long story short I wasn’t happy with the smoothing of the figures at all. That being said I’ve decided to go back in and reprint a bunch of the parts to deliver the best possible product for you guys. This actually won’t really set anything back too far. I wasn’t planning on dropping these guys until mid or late next month anyway. Really the only thing this even becomes a bother to is me. The leisurely work pace I had planned is going to be a bit more hectic now . Which if I’ve learned anything in all this time it’s that I should just plan on everything being a nightmare. LOL! By way of an apology accepted this WORLD DEBUT sneak peak of the Scout Trooper in monotone.

The Scout Trooper will be coming with the Adventure set. The Scout features a new head and a new shoulder. This figure also has some interesting color swaps that I really like, but you’ll have to wait for the full reveal for that. You can also see the test print for the Shotgun in all its pump action glory. Chk-chk…boom!

Just sharing some insight into the process with you guys. Really I just wanted to let everyone know that the feet issue was fixed. Expect some legit pics maybe next week now, and the reveal of the Rocket Trooper, and full reveal of the Scout Trooper figures. Keep eyes here on the Void Patrol page or the VP Facebook or anywhere on social media with the #voidpatrol tag. Whole you’re here on the site be sure to check out the latest TEWOJ story as well.

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