Alright everyone, we’re nearly there! Void Patrol get’s its first drop THIS FRIDAY at 12PM EST in the DK Store , and there isn’t much else to really do. However, there is a couple of things I wanted to go over so read on to get the latest updates on VP.

First off big thanks to everyone who’s shown an interest in the line so far. This first wave is a pretty small run so hopefully there is enough for everyone, but never fear if somehow this wave blows out I can make more figures easy enough so Void Patrol won’t be out of action for too long. Secondly, if you haven’t read it yet I highly recommend you take a look at Preternia.Com’s First look at Void Patrol which reveals the Mail Away figure seen below.


So as stated before this whole thing has been a huge learning process, and during the smoothing/matte work on this wave, I have discovered a few things that while not useful for this run will come in VERY handy for future releases. For instance, I’ve learned that smoothing the figure then assembling then doing the matte results in a much stronger hold on the joints. This leads to joints much less prone to becoming loose, and a better figure overall. I’ve also been playing with infill during printing… which you don’t really need to know all about, but it can lead to stronger pieces. ALL that being said I think the next round of figures will be even better all around. This shit ain’t easy kids, but learning these things leads to a better product so its at least helpful.


There is some Void Patrol fiction in the works too, but I’ve been so busy getting all this done in addition to everything else in life that I have yet to finish writing it yet. Fear not dear reader for you’ll be able to read some sweet VP stories here on the site for FREE just like all the TEWOJ Lore. Look at how nice I am making all y’all toys to purchase AND delivering free story content.


All in all it seems like Void Patrol has a bright future ahead of it. The few sets I’ve sent out have been getting positive feedback and with recent improvements, it’s looking like bigger and better all around for my little Space War line of figures. Next up from Ri is the newest TEWOJ figure , but more void patrol is already brewing in my brain. We should be seeing some bad guys next with the Phoenix Corp spreading its wings of terror across the Galaxy.


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