Man where does the time go? This month marks SIX YEARS of Ri, and boy are things different from how they used to be. Let’s take a trip down memory lane.


The Past:

Waaaaayyyyyy back in 2013 I started this whole crazy idea of transitioning from reviewing toys to actually making the damn things, and its been one wild and crazy ride so far. It’s not easy,and I’ve come close to quitting more times than I can count (as recent as just last week LOL), but I wouldn’t trade the last six years for anything…well a few million would probably do it, but I digress. The Indy Toy Game has changed so much since those early days it is insane. I’m in this shit for the love of the game…if I wasn’t I’d of hopped out ages ago. Over the last half a decade plus friends have been made, friends have been lost, and I’ve learned so much. The transition from resin to 3D printing has been a boon to getting stuff out, and later this summer there will be a big TEWOJ drop featuring new characters and some re released older figures as well, but more on that in a bit. Let’s take a look at what’s happened…


TEWOJ has over the past six years had quite a few toy releases. Below you can see a chronological list of toy releases not including variants.

1 Slimes Wave 1 resin figures (Algor, Toron, Master Boshak, Jelgon)

2 Slime Minis resin figures (Four varieties)

3 Prince Algor Heroic Form resin figures

4 Slimes Wave 1 resin figures (King Valdar, Princess Ikari, Delgon, General Skale)

5 Wild Cave Slime resin figure

6 War Slime mini resin figure

7 Dirty and Goopy Slime resin figures

8 Prince Algor Heroic Form Slimed Drones full production figure

9 Slime Fiend Slimed Drones full production figure

10 Kandanian Land Slug resin mount

11 Slime Elder Magi resin figures

12 The Voice of the Gods Monk resin figures

13 The Hands of the Gods Monk resin figure

14 Delgon Villainous from resin figure

15 Shocktrooper 3D printed figure

16 Lair of the dark Wizard 3D printed accessory set

17 Bakurados Bay 3D printed accessory set

18 Hoverboard 3D printed vehicle

19 Quazarec 3D printed figure

20 Mech Suit Toron 3D printed figure

21 Slime Knight 3D printed figure

22 Algor’s Armor 3D printed accessory set

23 Skeleton Armor 3D printed accessory set

24 Bablov’s Kit 3D printed accessory set

25 Skeleton Slayer Algor 3D printed figure

26 Wallowog 3D printed figure

27 Deep Space Algor 3D printed figure

28 Captain Kandross 3D printed figure

29 Friar Lovac 3D printed figure

30 Master Boshak/ Tengkorak Bodyguard Warrior Beasts full production figure


Thirty toys created,sold, and delivered on time is a lot. When I look back on it all it blows my mind. and that doesn’t even include the two books, cloth maps, or the Battle for Jalldoon card game!


Void Patrol:

Really only just over a year old last month so the output there has been considerably less than TEWOJ obviously, but the response has been great! This new 3.75 line will continue to have releases every so often.


So Far the Vp releases have been…

Galactic Council Trooper

Galactic Council Scout

Galactic Council Rocket Trooper

Galactic Council Medicspromo2

I’d be remiss if looking back like this I didn’t acknowledge some of the players in bringing this story to life. The early days of Ri wouldn’t have been possible if not for the expert advice of PJ AKA Spaced Out Design (check out his newly released Glyos Geodraxus figure!) who leant many tips and tricks to the resin casting process. Another big time helper is Sanjeev AKA Brownnoize without who NONE of this 3D printed stuff would have happened, and all the things he’s brought to TEWOJ in Quazarec. Not to mention all the mental support dude has given over the years. Last, but certainly not least Mike AKA Zoloworld AKA Realm of the Underworld AKA the resurrection of 5.5 in the modern age AKA the iron lung…What can I even say about Mike who’s done so much for me? My boy here has helped me so much over the years from being an OG TEWOJ supporter to making TEWOJ in factory production a thing, to more than I can ever say. We’ve had our differences in policy and who we work with over the years, but Mike is like a brother to me,and I’d travel to the ends of the earth for the dude without a second thought. In addition to these guys my old friend Drew AKA Figurecase has been riding on this journey with me since day one, and has been a constant person to bounce ideas off of, and test out products. Also of great importance to Ri would be Terry  Thielen and Tim Wilsie who have both been essential to making these crazy ideas of mine look like I’m actually talented with some truly amazing art!Also while new to the flock I wouldn’t want to ramble on about all these guys who’ve helped me by not Including Scott Nihie who has nailed the feel of Void Patrol so nicely with his art for the line. I wouldn’t be here without any of these chaps.


The Future:

The future is looking bright over here. Both TEWOJ and Void Patrol will continue their diverging paths…




I’ve spoken in the past about pivoting TEWOJ away from the toys a bit, and with the current state of the 5.5 Scene that will continue. While there is a BIG TEWOJ Drop coming soon this will be the last of the 5.5 output for a little while…I don’t want to say ever because the mood will strike to make more figures (especially with some of the things Sanjeev is working on behind the scenes) and there is at least one more full production figure on the horizon (wait til y’all see this) but for a bit. When I started out the scene was much smaller, and while there was a few bad apples it was mostly peace and love. These days though? I see so much bullshit..from people not delivering because they don’t know WTF they’re doing, barely different MOTU characters being sold off as original creations , to the countless X property remade in 5.5… I find myself fuming often. So instead of being salty all the time it’s best to just take a little break and let things die down a bit. Now this doesn’t mean the end of TEWOJ by a damn sight…there will still be art and books. Battle for Jalldoon will be a big part of the future plans, and I’m cooking up a fun little series of scale models of Jalldoonian Cities and landmarks…we just will see less of the expensive 5.5 figures. TEWOJ is for the children, and it’s hard to let everyone play with short run expensive 5.5 figures that take a ton of work, and have a high startup cost. The other issue with the format is in some ways it really holds me back on world building…hard to do some things when you’ve gotta fit that fight figure body style and detail level….Dracktholme for instance I’ve been holding off on describing because I’m not sure how his armor would look on a toy..that’s not conducive to engaging worlds. So TEWOJ will continue the path ive set it on in recent times.

Blue Scout

Void Patrol: 

VP is just getting started baby, beyond the upcoming drop (date TBA) there is PLENTY of stuff in the works for the little sci-fi army people. Nothing I want to speak on too much as I’m currently toiling away at getting this drop out the freaking door. The next drop will feature two Phoenix Corporation soldiers (Heavy, and Radar Ranger), The SLB RS-16 Robot, and the Carrion Hatchling Vehicle!


The most important part of the past six years is YOU! None of this would have ever been possible without the unwavering support of all the people who buy the products, follow online, and show the love and support that makes it all worthwhile. So to every one of you THANK YOU!!!! Here’s to six more years!!!



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