Ayoooo It’s your boy Dr. Rampageo here for my once a year post on the site (LOL). Read on to hear all about the shitshow that was 2021, and my plans for 2022. Better late than never right?? LOL….

2021 Was another in a string of crap years, and while it wasn’t QUITE as bad as 2020 it still wasn’t great. I had a lot of big plans that didn’t quite get off the ground, but one thing I did do is I started streaming on Twitch. It has been going pretty good thus far. Check out the Stream Saturday-Tuesday, and Thursday Nights starting at around 5 or 7 PM EST. Playing all different kinds of Video Games, and talking to friends on live chats sometimes. Above you can see the Chibi Me created by Scott Nihie used as one of my emotes. Also join the official DK Discord to stay up to date, and chat with a real cool crew!! Other than stream I really didn’t get much done this year Ri wise so let’s just hop on to 2022…

Well 2021 was sure a shit year, and 2022 already started off like hell with the passing of Robert Bruce , a man I knew from our talks at Zolocon, and his interest in TEWOJ. Rob wasn’t a guy I’d consider a friend necessarily more of an acquaintance, but if you ever needed info on something there wasn’t a better dude to ask. The loss of a kind man, and the massive loss of intel to the collecting world is a real shame akin to the loss of the Library at Alexandria. Rest in Peace good sir.

Soooooo on the good news side there is some really cool stuff in the works. First and foremost March will be bringing the TEN YEAR ANNIVERSARY of Doomkick (where does the time go?) so I’m contractually obligated to do something for that. That’s a big one for sure, and on the TEWOJ front I’ll be doing something pretty neat. As previously noted here on DK I was planning on doing a new book collecting the Mages Journal story well that is not happening as announced. Instead I’m doing something a bit different….

Since the release of Jalldoonian Lore Vol 1 has been sold out for quite some time, and since there was a few small errors and things I wasn’t quite happy with I’ll be diving back into that book. I’m gonna take a pass over the whole text, and add some stuff. Now this wont be any kind of story adds, but some more descriptions of various people and places from the book that were missing before due to the stories being written for the toys. Then the Mages Journal Content will be added to the end of the book as well as a couple of ALL NEW short stories too. The whole package will feature a TON of new art from Terry Thielen, Chris Tracy, and Tim Wilsie. With about 40 pages of mages journal content, and the original 70 pages of content plus new layouts we should be looking at a 120-150 page book here. More info on that front as I have it. There will also be the Prince Algor and Spirit Horse Action Figure Set coming at some point this year I think from our friends at Zoloworld.

So keep your eyes peeled here on DK This year! I plan on actually stepping up posting a little bit in concert with the Twitch, Hover, IG, and other social media sites. I hope everyone stays safe and healthy in these trying times. Be well and have a good 2022 my friends! – Doc

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